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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bosco Recovered Because Of Women

In 'Triumph in the Skies', which was broadcasted three years ago, Bosco landed a main role, playing as one of the young pilot trainees. However, this was followed by a series of negative press slapping him in the face, slamming him down to hell. It was not until the release of 'War of In-Laws' last year that the situation turned around. With the hype about his rumoured girlfriend Myolie, along with a behind-the-scenes powerful godmother and the help of a TVB senior female executive, the three women allowed him to bounce back from rock bottom.

Over the past year, the Jade channel broadcasted back-to-back series starring Bosco during prime time, accompanying families during dinner almost every evening. In spite of this, this star’s luck still has its big ups and downs. When they broadcasted 'Wong Fei Hung - Master of Kung Fu' last February, the ratings peaked at over 2 million viewers. Unfortunately, while the show became popular, but the cast did not. The character that Bosco played, a heroic and righteous Master Wong, was very unconvincing. This was mainly due to the large amounts of negative press, including being accused of “leeching money” by his ex-girlfriend, befriending bad people, and starting fights at night. It wasn’t until June of the same year, when playing as “不留名” in the highly rated series “War of In-Laws”, that he was able recover, earning back fame, wealth, popularity, opportunity, and even the 38th TVB Anniversary's Most Improved Actor Award.

Besides the fact that he is really hardworking, the factors that was attributed to Bosco’s comeback are his mysterious relationships with two people. One of them is his godmother, who is not in the entertainment circle. It was rumoured that she is a specialist at “borrowing luck”. She is also closely linked to Miriam Yeung and Ronald Cheng. The reason godson Bosco’s lucky time came was reported to be because he “borrowed seven years of luck”.

Previously at an interview with Bosco in Tsim Sha Tsui, concerning this powerful godmother, he admits, “She is my godmother, a good friend of my mom’s. When I was in form four or five [that is grade 10 or 11 in America], we were formally sworn in as godmother and godson. Many people in the industry know of our relationship, but to be really honest, I did not ‘borrow luck’, nor did I have my fortune read. She understands I am her godson, so she’s afraid that people will say that I ‘borrowed luck’ and wouldn’t force me into it. She even jokingly said to me, ‘Don’t come to me when you become popular, lest people say that you borrowed luck’.

“I believe that you must return something you have borrowed. If you ‘borrowed luck’, and just sit at home and do nothing every day, will you become rich? I’d rather rely on my own abilties. When I become successful in the future, I do not want people to say it was because of ‘borrowing luck’.”

The other women is TVB’s senior executive 樂易玲 [Lok Yi Ling]. It was reported that Bosco is her beloved “fighter”. That was why, with her support, TVB heavily promoted him. Despite being trapped in all the negative press, he continuously stars in many series.

“The company treats us all like sons. A mother would never want to see their own son fail. My relationship with Ms. Lok is an employer-employee relationship. If you look at it from a family perspective, my manager, Tina, is like the mother and Ms. Lok is like the grandmother. They treat everyone just as well. Raymond Lam, Moses Chan and Bowie Lam stars in many series as well.”

There were reports saying that Bosco gave Ms. Lok massages; that was why he was favoured. When bringing up old news, he delicately responded, “The massage incident was just for laughs. Ms. Lok is so high up there, who dares to touch her? Who dares touching her shoulders?”

Bosco has powerful people backing him up, but he still went through a lot of hard times back in the day. Though he never had to act as a dead corpse, he did have his own share of playing as an extra. Reminiscing his hard times, Bosco says lightly, “Going from bottom to top, this period of time requires good timing. Besides being lucky, I would also like to thank the company for taking care of me, and my manager and the producers for giving me lots of chances. There was a time when I was very gray, but there is no reason to give up because of that; instead, I should work harder.

“When I first entered the entertainment business, for the first year, I played a lot of roles as gardener extras and bookworm extras. When I entered, I thought I would be filming to death; I thought I could be Louis Koo. I had a lot of hope at that time, but was greatly disappointed. I even wondered whether I was suitable working in this industry. Was I not handsome enough? Would I fail in acting?

“After working for a little more than a year, I started working as a television host. Everyone who enters this business want to be popular. When I was a host, I wondered why I’m not acting in any series. Was it because I’m more of a host material and not acting material? If that’s the case, then I was determined to do well and be the next 鄧梓峰. Then all of a sudden, “Triumph in the Skies” came along. Watching Francis Ng and Flora Chan act, I finally saw that acting is a very profound thing.”

After "Triumph in the Skies", a chain of negative press beat down upon the newly promoted Bosco. He said that at that time, he wasn’t completely in a “It’s over” dreary state, but he definitely wasn’t feeling great. “Four words to describe my emotional state at that time: 不知所措 [Don’t know what to do]. I was afraid and confused and don’t know what to do, but TVB gave me hope - they signed me a contract. The company will continue to use me, so I must work harder.”

The reports on Bosco and Myolie started when filming 'War of In-Laws'. It was rumoured that their on-screen relationship became real, but this suspicious love relationship made everyone stop and ponder. Bosco says that he and Myolie make a great couple on-screen, and are awesome partners in acting. He admits that he did have a crush on Myolie while filming “War of In-Laws”. “When I was acting with her, of course I had feelings, or else ‘War of In-Laws’ wouldn’t have been so effective. But only my character likes her; I am very clear about this. She is very hardworking and has a great attitude towards work. Outside acting, we also talk a lot. Our views on work and acting are very similar, so we became friends. Sometimes when we talk, we would discuss our weaknesses in acting, and give each other some constructive critism.”

“I did like her in the series. Sunny Chan once said that he quite enjoys the process of filming a series, saying that TVB pays him to engage in a love relationship with the female character. I, myself, have been in several relationships, like with Sharon Chan and Jessica Hsuen.”

But taking yourself outside the film, can you really just stop liking someone? “I have never remain confused after acting in any role. We are really just good friends. We have the same manager, same hair stylist, same make-up artist, and we would attend shows and film ads together, but I am certain we are not going out. We have no time to think about stuff like that. I can only say that we click very well.”

Myolie once said that she wouldn’t rule out the possibility for further development with Bosco, and Bosco’s response was similarly vague. No wonder he said they click well. “First, my work and career is top priority; Second, I won’t have time right now; Third, if fate gives it to us, I wouldn’t have been able to avoid it even if I wanted to. I believe in treating everything normally. If I do start a relationship, I wouldn’t deliberately announce it, but I wouldn’t try to hide it either. If you know about it, then you know about it. Going out is not a big deal.”

Before Myolie appeared in the picture, Bosco and Leila Tong were rumoured to have gone out as well. “She is the female actress that I’ve worked with the most. I always play characters who are in love with hers. Although I always play roles which have a crush on her, it’s not to the point where I’m so into the character that I continue to like her after filming. She started acting at a young age, I really should call her 唐寧姐 [Elder sis Leila]. I’m friends with her, because her personality is like a guy, and is very easy to get along with.” When asked whether Leila is his cup of tea, he wittyly replied, “I drink black coffee, no sugar nor cream. I buy it at work every day. I don’t need anyone’s help, as I make it myself.”

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