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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bosco Wong Gets Paid To Sleep

The opening ceremony for “TVB Weekly Magazine Popularity Contest 2006″ took place yesterday at Shatin’s New City Plaza. Attendees included Bosco Wong, Michael Miu, Margo Ngai, Tam Yuk Ying, and Niki Chow, etc. Bosco and Niki had the most fans in the audience. Fans even held up large banners to show their support. However, Bosco was late for the event. He explained that he has been busy filming 《千謊百計》 “Thousand Lies Hundred Schemes” lately. He got off work at 8 in the morning, so he slept in.

Bosco has been very busy this past year, filming series one after the other. He filmed “Life Made Simple”, “Under the Canopy of Love”, “Au Revoir Shanghai”, 《千謊百計》 “Thousand Lies Hundred Schemes”, and will begin filming 《賭場風雲》 “Casino Crisis” shortly. Altogether, he has filmed 140 TVB episodes. He hasn’t taken a break in a year. But he has already submitted an application, and hopes to go on a vacation at the end of this year.

Having to film so many series, does he ever get his characters mixed up?
Bosco expressed that he won’t, because the character’s personalities are all different. He is very happy that in the first 7 episodes of 《賭場風雲》, he will be playing an antisocial youth. Producers said that he only needs to bring his body to work. Every day, he will only need to cover himself in a blanket and sleep. He jokes and said that he wouldn’t mind playing an antisocial kid a couple more times, saying that he can sleep on the job.

The cast will be heading to Philippines in May to film outdoor scenes.
Bosco already sees this as a vacation. He knows how to scuba dive, and hopes that he will get a chance to go scuba diving during this trip. Regarding the fact that Bobby Au Yeung refused to skydive, Bosco steps in and says that he can skydive for him. Lately, he has been working hard to practice playing cards, because as the story develops, Bosco will become a young gambling master. Right now, he often uses one hand to play with cards.

Bosco thinks that working constantly can help him save money, because he doesn’t even have time to go out and play. He hopes to quickly make enough money to buy a house, and live with his mom. But he currently doesn’t even have enough saved to make a deposit.

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