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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bosco Wong Gives Kate Tsui Rude Signals

Bosco Wong Chung Chak and Kate Tsui Tsi San were filming a water scene for "Thousand Lies Various Schemes" yesterday.

During filming, Bosco raised his middle finger, exhibiting a rude signal at the Director. The production crew present did not know how to react.

Afterwards, Bosco explained that he had hurt his middle finger before and it was wrapped in bandages. He was concerned that this would affect filming so in his haste, he raised his middle finger at everybody.

Bosco and Kate had to film a scene where they had to go in the water. Both Bosco and Kate were immersed in the water for half the day, leading to a tiring day. The scene spoke of a rowing accident that lead to Kate almost drowing. Bosco had to save Kate in the scene.

The filming called for a close-up of the scene. However,
Bosco raised his middle finger and called for a stop to filming. He pointed out to the Director that a close-up scene would obviously reveal the bandage on his middle finger. Bosco unwrapped the bandage and continued to film afterwards. The production crew did not mind his rude signal, as it was an unintentional gesture.

Bosco and Kate wore diving suits underneath their costumes during the filming in order to stay warm. Kate also wore an additional swimsuit to protect herself. Aside from filming in the water, both Bosco and Kate had to endure man-made ocean waves.

When Kate was in the water, she appeared to be quite pale, looking like a sick patient. Kate brought heat packs and ginger tea with her to warm her body afterwards.

Kate said, "This is my first series as lead actress and I had suffered from many filming difficulties. I had a fall during filming. Also I have been filming in the water for 4 straight days. Yesterday, we were filming out in the sea, so it was extremely cold. My father and mother accompanied me. I was afraid I would fall sick, so I prepared accordingly today."

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