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Friday, March 03, 2006

Bosco Wong Jealous Of Myolie Wu’s New Handsome Guy

Yesterday Bosco Wong, Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng accepted an interview to promote their new series “Under the Canopy of Love”. Referring to Bosco pursuing Myolie through MSN and regarding Myolie who was recently shoot a wedding ad with a Japanese model look-alike of Daniel Wu, Bosco was first to ask the reporter instead: “Is he a handsome guy? [Did your MSN offensive fail?] I have sent to many people. So, it isn’t related to me.” Myolie has returned to the Mainland to continue filming for “Tai Chi”, so Bosco also hasn’t seen her for a while. However, they will attend an activity together today. Bosco smilingly told that he will have to please her and trick her into buying dinner, because it is his turn again. Referring that the Japanese version of Daniel Wu was very handsome, Bosco smilingly said: “In brief, he is a handsome, young man. But I believe this isn’t real news. [Do you think you’re handsome?] I haven’t think of myself as handsome, I prefer talented/ hardworking (sak lik). Hardworking can also be good-looking. [Which type does Myolie prefer?] I think she will like both the inside as well as the outside, pleasing to the eyes is allowed. [Does she think you’re pleasing to the eyes?] When filming series, she often dislikes me for making myself not pleasing to the eyes. [How come there is no hope in pursuing her?] I concentrate too much on work. [Then you must add some vigour] Adding vigour to film series, release an album. Also need to add vigour to buy a flat? [To marry?] When I have reached the marrying age, have enough economic capacity and find someone that I love, then I will get married. Of course, this is a matter for the faraway future.”


Bosco Wong Doesn't Care that Myolie Has Rumors
Earlier Bosco Wong has been rumored to have successfully won Myolie's heart with 600 text messages. But recently there has been a rumor that Myolie Wu and the former male model for their wedding advertisement have been close. He was even described as the Japanese version of Daniel Wu. As with Myolie being rumored in a new love relationship, Bosco expressed that it is none of his business and is not quite sure about it. When Myolie was not in Hong Kong, he has not sent her any text messages and didn't know that she likes handsome guys.

When asked whether he is worried about rumored girlfriend having rumors, he said that work is his first priority right now. He will not worry about boy girl relationships. He hopes that his series will have good ratings and to release an album as soon as possible.

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