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Friday, March 24, 2006

Bosco Wong Shivers Till Death While Filming Series

Yestesterday Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui were filming a rainy scene at the beach for 《千謊百計》. Both of them were wet for three hours, causing Bosco to shiver. When Bosco came ashore, he quickly drank ginger tea. On the other hand, Kate has prepared undershirts ahead of time so she didn't shake till death!

After filming,
Kate said, "All my under and outer wear were wet. That's good that the weather today isn't that cold and I have prepared more shirts underneath so it isn't that cold! I've also brought clothes to change but sitting on the boat for a few hours makes me want to vomit!"

On the other hand, there was
Bosco who was shaking majorly when it came ashore. He quickly drank ginger tea to keep the warmth and sighs with regret, "Filming this scene really is like an experience at the sea! The plot talks about me eating on the boat and it feels really difficult!" The staff team has prepared a waterwheel to produce the realistic rain and a fast boat for them.

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