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Monday, March 06, 2006

Bosco Wong Too Weak To Lift Up Niki Chow

Yesterday Kevin Cheng, Niki Chow, and Bosco Wong celebrated their new series by competing in walking on 'stone mats'. The winner was Kevin carrying Niki. Bosco couldn't lift up Niki and almost caused Niki to reveal her underwear!

TVB series 'Under the Canopy of Love's' actors celebrated the raise of their ratings. Kevin, Niki, and Bosco were there passing out flowers and played the walking on stone mat game. Kevin finished it in 11 seconds while holding on to Niki. Unexpectedly young Bosco wanted to lift Niki up but couldn't do it. He tried to imitate Kevin and used up 40 seconds. In the end, he was joked as having a weak body.

When it is said that they revealed their sides of their underwear while playing the games, Bosco joked, "It's no problem for guys! It's the 'in' thing!" Bosco was refered to as causing his health to be weak because he was focused on dating and he said, "No. It's just that I don't have
Liza's lovely soup anymore. And plus Niki is tall, heavy, and big!" When he was asked whether Niki or Myolie Wu is heavier, he quickly said, "I'm currently focused on carrying Shirley Yeung and Kate Tsui for series, I don't know anything about others!"

Praised of having a good health, Kevin helped Bosco by saying, "He's very tired from filming one series after another. Unlike me, I've been exercising since I am free!"

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