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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bosco Wong's Beloved Dog Stars In "Under The Canopy Of Love"

Bosco Wong Chung Chak has an energetic and sunshine feel to him. In most of his series, he has played lively and mischievous characters as well.

It is therefore unthinkable that Bosco can be quite authorative when it comes to his beloved dog, Kapum. Bosco can be like an "angry father" when it comes to discipling Kapum!

Kapum is a 3 year old large breed bulldog. What does the name Kapum mean? Kapum is actually a Thai word and means, "giving regards to another person." Bosco gave such a meaningful name to his pet dog....

Despite Kapum's tough exterior, he is a very gentle animal. When Kapum was young, he was very obedient, always following close to Bosco's footsteps. Even when Bosco took him out for a walk, there was no need to wear a leash.

However since Bosco has been so busy filming lately, Bosco's mother has taken over in caring for Kapum. Bosco's mother is a also a dog lover; she would cook fresh beef for Kapum everday. Since they live in the suburbs, Bosco's mother would take Kapum for a walk near the mountains.

Although Bosco's mother has been taking care of Kapum, but he still regards Bosco as his master. When Bosco is busy filming and has not returned home for a few days consecutively, Kapum will miss Bosco and be upset at him for not coming home. Kapum would show his dissatisfaction by causing trouble and messing things up at home!

Despite this, Kapum is a very friendly dog. Bosco said that even if there were robbers that broke into his house, Kapum would still be very friendly to them.

If you want to see Kapum onscreen, Kapum starred in several scenes in Bosco's latest series, "Under the Canopy of Love." Due to Kapum's gentle personality, he was very popular among the production crew during the filming of "Under the Canopy of Love." As Kapum is also an adult dog now, Bosco said he wants to find a wife for Kapum.

The reporter asked what are some tricks that Kapum uses to pick up girls? Bosco said that Kapum is best at pretending to be a lizard to make others laugh. But the reporter was interested to see if Kapum knows how to send text messages just like his master?

Epilogue: Since bulldogs have so many wrinkles in their skin, you need to take special care of it, otherwise it is easy for them to get skin allergies. Due to the wrinkles in their skin, it is easy for germs to get trapped in the folds of the skin and cause an odor.

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The Sun


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