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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Celebrities To Protest About Reporters

Justin Lo’s father was yesterday reported to have flirted with girls at a bar. After finishing his concert, Justin yesterday attended a 903 radio interview and when commenting on this issue, Justin said, “Hurt me, don’t trouble my family!”

Justin who had photos of himself taken by photographers sneakily expressed that this time, it has hurt him more. Justin disclosed that he has called up his father and believes that there is no entertainment in this issue what so ever. He also revealed that his mother likes reading entertainment news and taking photos with his fans. After this incident, all Justin can say is that he feels bad and hopeless because there is nothing he can do.

Due to reporters frequently taking photos of celebrities sneakily, the stars will be having a protest so that the government and the council will have reasonable consequences for reporters who breach laws of privacy when taking photos.
Justin is 100% supportive of this and when asked if he will compose the melody for the theme song of this protest, Justin expressed that it was a good idea and believes that the reporters should be punished for doing ‘bad’ things. Although Justin has moved houses, he will still keep his curtains down for privacy.

On the other hand, when the issue of
Gia Lin being at his concert was brought up and him previously saying that he did not see her, Justin expressed that he was not lying and although he gave her tickets, he was not sure where she sat.

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