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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Charmaine Refused To Catch Sherming's Bridal Bouquet

Yesterday Sherming and Wong Hap Hei filmed a wedding scene for "Phoenix Quartet", where Sherming wore a bridal gown. Charmaine and Joe Ma were there to witness the nuptial. The fake newlyweds attracted a lot of real newlyweds, who requested to take pictures with them. To give these couples an unforgettable memory, Sherming and Wong granted every request.

Afterwards, the fake bride (
Sherming) throws her bridal bouquet towards Charmaine Sheh, but she refuses to accept the bouquet and even placed both hands behind her. Later, the reporter asked Charmaine if she ever catched a bridal bouquet before. She replied: "Never, because most of my friends and relatives wedding were Chinese ceremonies, bridal gowns were rarely seen." Does she look forward getting married? "I don't even have a target (prospective groom), how can I be looking forward? I just want to concentrate on my career."

On a side note,
Joe divulged that he never took wedding pictorial with his wife when they got married.

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