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Friday, March 31, 2006

Chin Ka Lok & Ella Koon Work On Car Stunts Film

Chin Ka Lok, Ella Koon and more yesterday worked on flying car stunts for a 10 minute motion picture directed by Chin Ka Lok himself. As Ella plays a pregnant woman in the short film, she had an artificial ‘tummy’ made. Despite having such a large stomach all of a sudden, Ella would not sit still but showed off her martial arts skills. Ella said, “I’m really happy! The stunts are extremely fun. It makes me want to ride on roller coasters.” Ella expressed after working on this short film, she has changed her opinion on car stunt persons who she once thought were ‘idiots’.

Chin Ka Lok disclosed the reason for filming this 10 minute motion picture, he hopes that the general public will not be prejudice towards car stunt people and learn to see the qualities of them. Ka Lok says, “I hope through this short film, the public will change their incorrect feeling towards all car stunt people.”

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