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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Currently being heavily promoted by TVB, Bosco's career has taken off. In terms of eligible qualities, he may not be super wealthy, but he is young and good-looking. Bosco, who enjoys cooking and living a family-oriented lifestyle, claimed that he had not dated in three years. He does not deny that he wants to start a family. For all the girls out there, this is great news, for he is highly eligible bachelor.

Bosco does not really have a lot of love-related rumours. He constantly insisted that he does not have a girlfriend, was it because he is picky, or was it like in "Under the Canopy of Love", where he was afraid of letting love and romance affect his career? Bosco's answer was just to go with the flow. In terms of career, he will continue to work his hardest. In terms of love, he will just treat it normally, trusting and believing in fate. "After signing with TVB, I did date. I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't. But in the last three years, I haven't dated. I don't even have time to sleep, let alone trying to notice potential candidates around me." Most artistes' reponses to love and romance are usually the same, so it was nice that Bosco admitted that he enjoys dating. "I like marriage too! Crushing, confessing, dating, and then marrying. I enjoy every step of the process. What I love most is going through each stage of life together. I really envy Michael Miu and his family. His family came to visit once while we were filming, and we all had a barbeque together. It was really happy!"

Bosco hopes to have both a career and a family. What will the "future Mrs. Wong" be like? He openly lists what he looks for. She should be both active and quiet. "It's okay if she doesn't know how to cook, because I know how! The most importantly thing is that she enjoys travelling with me. She must be lively, but also quiet at the same time, because I don't like a noisy home." Bosco declared that if he meets the right person, he would definitely not miss the opportunity, saying that he was willing to take all kinds of pressure for the sake of true love.

In "Under the Canopy of Love", Bosco's performance was very humourous, playing a character who was willing to take sacrifices for his friends and the person he loved. This role captured the hearts of the audience, making it the most outstanding character in the series. Behind the success, Bosco actually gave a lot of time and thought. He expressed that he used the character "Joey" in the the American sitcom "Friends" as a model. Then, because the character also plays Tae Kwan Do, he added a little ancient hero spirit to make it more comedic. Bit by bit, he realized how much he can really developed the role. The producers of the series also agree with his design of the character. In one of the last scenes in "Under the Canopy of Love", where he writes a letter to Niki confessing his thoughts, the script originally had a letter written for him. But he took the effort to write the letter on his own using his own thoughts. Bosco said, "I once heard Chan Kwok Pong say that if you use your own thoughts into the film, you will engage into the role better. When I was filming 'Life Made Simple', I didn't need to cry in the scene when I broke up with Leila Tong. But when I filmed it, I just naturally cried. Directors said that it was very effective, so you really can't predict these things."

Hearing Bosco speak of his filming processes, you can tell that he is very passionate about acting. He expressed that he already liked acting back when he was in high school. Whether it was behind-the-scenes or on stage, he still enjoyed very much. He even revealed that, back in school, he directed and acted in a parody of Cinderella, named "Cinderella in China". He took on the role of the female lead, taking care of all the costume and makeup himself, using black bristol board to make exaggerated eyelashes. Not only did it receive lots of positive feedback, he also won an award because of it.

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