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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Eason & Hilary: Officially Husband & Wife

Two years ago on March 7, 2004 was Hilary's birthday and on that day with the witness of close friends, Eason proposed to Hilary. Yesterday, two years later, Eason and Hilary got married at a private ceremony with a few close friends at a karaoke. Friends that attended were Josie Ho, Nicholas Tse, Stephen Fung, Eddie Ng Kwok King, Eric Kwok and girlfriend Grace Yip, Edmond Leung and girlfriend Karen, Au Yeung Dak Guen and Choi Lap Sin. The only ones missing were the reporters. They were able to keep it so low profiled that no media even had an idea.

Eason who is always a suprise told Hilary that because of filming he would not make it to her birthday party until really late. Lo and behold, he arrived pushing the cake in with a boquet of flowers.
Hilary was asked what present Eason gave her and she responded, "He gave me himself, what more can I get?"

Yesterday, reporters thought that other than celebrating her birthday they were also getting married. When asked about this
Hilary responded, "Yes, the wedding was simple but nice, we had 4 tables. You guys (reporters) don't have to follow me anymore. I told you I was getting married and you didn't believe me. We celebrated my birthday and we got married."

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The Sun, Sina


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