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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Edison Unhappy Because No Fans Came To Support Him?

Edison Chen, who has been filming in Thailand, was caught on the beach with a girl and even his father was accused of being gay by Hong Kong reporters. Earlier when Edison was at a function, he publicly told the reporters off. Yesterday, he brought his anger to Taiwan when attending a promotional function for Levi’s. The reason for him being angry is maybe because not one fan supported him at the airport when arrived in Taiwan.

Korean singer,
BoA and actress, Choi Jin Woo, attracted many fans to the airport while Edison attracted 0. No wonder Edison had a ‘black face’ as he was in the airport. Edison who was last to leave the airport found it empty as all the fans had followed their idols out. As he paced through the airport grounds, it was empty and so, Edison did not care if reporters kept taking pictures of him.

Edison and BoA attended the Levi’s press conference, Edison was limping. Edison had injured not his leg, but his back. He has already seen the doctor and has been told to rest for 2 weeks. Edison praised BoA by saying that she was young and energetic but was not right for him because she is too young. BoA praised Edison by saying that he was handsome but explained that she believes in love at first sight and that there has not been any ‘electricity’ happening between the two.

Edison commented on the rumours regarding his father by saying, “My father had told me once that it was hard being my dad. My sister, who has just had a change of job, had been affected for being my sister. They have their own lives and so, I cannot request for them to do anything.”

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