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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ella Koon Is Like Close Sisters With Her Mother

Yesterday Ella Koon visited a kindergarten class and played with the lovable children. When they were playing games, Ella was surrounded by the children, obviously attracted to her charm.

Ella expresses that she wants to have children, "I want a girl so I can dress her up. The best would be one boy one girl for a warm family." She also said that her nickname when she was little was Professor Koon, "When I was little, I wanted to get everyone's attention so I pretended I knew everything and asked alot of questions!"

Ella's relationship with her mother isn't that good, "We always had arguements when I was little. I always thought she was biased towards my brother but now our relationship is very good. I will chat with her about dating and sex like close sisters. But she doesn't cook for me often, and I have to be like the mom and cook for her instead!"

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