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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ella Koon Is A White Belt In Taekwondo

Ella Koon yesterday attended a function held at the Ou Hoi Shopping Mall in a taekwondo outfit. During the function, Ella repeatedly performed kicks and punches like a professional. Reporters then learnt that Ella had been taking taekwondo classes in her teenage years but gave up after a while. Ella said, “The reason I wanted to learn taekwondo was to fight with my older brother because he always punched me. Although I took lessons, I never won him in fighting. (But you’re a black belt!) Actually, I’m only a white belt. I borrowed the black belt for today. (Have you performed a kick on your boyfriends?) Yes, my boyfriend accidentally touched my sensitive spot. Without thinking I kicked him which resulted in him lying on the floor, unable to get up!”

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Yahoo News, Ella Koon Forum


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