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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ella Koon Only Likes Chinese Guys

Ella Koon yesterday, while wearing a low cut dress, was filmed introducing 'French food'. In ‘one breath’, Ella tried 4 French meals and seafood dishes. Earlier when working in France, Ella made a few French friends. Ella firmly stated that she will not date any of the male friends because she likes Chinese guys. Ella expressed that in western cultures, the female side has to pay for the wedding and that the mother of the bride will have to receive over $1 million which will cost her approximately $2 million for the wedding. Ella hopes that she receive a 5 carat diamond wedding ring but if no one wants to marry her, she would have to earn money herself to buy it.

Ella believes that money is essential when getting married but if she meets her true love, she will not mind if he is poor and is willing to pay for everything when married. Ella said, “If I can earn money, I do not mind feeding and housing my husband. (Will your mum let you get married when you and your partner have no money?) Money cannot buy love.”

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Yahoo News, The Sun


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