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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ella & Ron Rejecting Job Offers Because Of Rumours

Ron Ng and Ella Koon since having love rumours have started to ‘dislike’ each other. The two have also used snide comments on each other.

A company had taken a liking in the rumours of Ron and Ella and so, they invited the two to attend functions together. The two rejected the job offer although they would have been earning some easy money. Ella’s manager admitted rejecting job offers, the manager said, “Yes we have rejected quite a few advertisement job offers because we do not hope the rumours to continue. (Are you afraid that Ella will be angry because she would be able to earn more money?) No, she knows I want the best for her.” On the other hand, Ron’s manager refused to admit that jobs were rejected because of rumour issues.

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The Sun, Yahoo News


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