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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Esther Kwan & Nick Cheung Hold Baby Banquet For 1 Month Old Daughter

Yesterday, reporters spotted Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Esther Kwan Wing Hor with their one-month old daughter, Brittany.

Maybe Esther loved her daughter too much, but she was holding her daughter in the front passenger seat.

According to doctors, holding the baby in the front passenger seat is very dangerous, as it can hurt the baby severely in case of accident. The correct method is to put the baby in the car seat in the rear part of the car.

Esther appeared to be very happy. Although she has not lost all her pregnancy weight yet, she was all smiles when reporters took her photo.

Nick admitted that they have already held a baby banquet for their daughter. Mainly Nick and Esther's parents had dinner together. "It is just like our wedding. Our families do not want reporters present taking photos.

When asked about baby Brittany's progress, Nick said, "The baby is not feeling well and always crying. But we don't know what to do except let her cry it out. Esther and I are taking turns caring for her. Esther is doing the day shift while I take over during the night, after I have finished filming." As Esther has not lost all her pregnancy weight yet, Nick said he doesn't mind. The important thing is for Esther to eat well and recover her strength.

When asked about the baby's Chinese name, Nick said he wants to keep it a secret. "I don't want reporters to be interviewing her when she grows up. We don't want her to grow up to be an actress." But both Nick and Esther are actors? "This industry is too complex; we want her to work in a more stable industry. But Esther named our baby 'Brittany.'" Is there a reason why this name was chosen? "Not really, just that Brittany is a pretty name."

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