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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fiona Sit Steals A Glimpse Of The "Fake" Daniel Wu

Article 1
A couple of nights ago, while they were filming, you cannot help but notice Fiona always sneaking peeks at the handsome Takuya Kazunari! When asked whether she thinks Takuya is handsome, she blushes and says: "Ah? I don't think its appropriate to answer that!"
How do you communicate with him?: "Apart from using pinyin, my Japanese is limited! I can only say 1 to 10, and 'Good morning'!"
Will there be any 'kiss' scenes?: "Not sure, will see about it later!" Fiona hopes to take this chance and learn lots of Japanese.

Article 2
Fiona Sit has been busy shooting for 'Love Undercover 3' recently, with the character previously enacted by Miriam Yeung in 1 & 2, the box office was certainly satisfying. This time, they found Jap-version-Daniel-Wu, Takuya Kazunari. On 2nd March, they were filming scenes for the movie, and before it was time to get into place, the pair were reading the scripts together, but Fiona said that she hasn't even looked at Takuya properly yet, so she doesn't know whether he really does look like Daniel. It seems she doesn't really 'feel' much towards handsome guys.
Fiona had to shoot a internal car scene with Jap guy, and before needing to be in place, Takuya was seen to be working hard at memorising his script in Chinese pinyin.
When asked if Takuya is handsome, Fiona says: "I don't have much opinion because I didn't look at him properly, and I haven't noticed whether he's handsome yet."
So who is more handsome, Takuya or Daniel?: "What do you think? I haven't analyzed it!"
Are you taking over Miriam in this movie?: "I'm not afraid of comparing, this time the story and characters are totally different, I have a different name."

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