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Friday, March 10, 2006

Fiona Yuen Hopes To Go Back To Germany

Yesterday Fiona Yuen Choi Wan appeared at a promotional event for a contact lens product. Fiona was the host at the event.

Reporters have been very interested in Fiona's love life recently due to her recent split from her wealthy ex-boyfriend.

Reporters asked if Fiona has maximized on the chance to meet an eye care professional and Fiona said, "No, but thanks for asking!"

Fiona will be publishing a book about the German language. She is currently busy doing some translation work for the book's content.

Fiona said, "I hope with the upcoming World Cup, I can go to Germany and host for TVB. The first game for the World Cup will be held at the German city that I was born in. If I can go, I would have a chance to visit my family and friends in Germany."

Fiona will also be heading to Malaysia along with Cutie Mui Siu Wai and Kong Yan Yin for Eric Tsang Chi Wai's new dessert shop. Fiona will be appearing as a special guest for the grand opening ceremony, as well as spokesperson and food consultant for Eric's new shop.

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The Sun


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