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Friday, March 31, 2006

Frankie Lam Leaving TVB

Earlier in the week, Frankie Lam Man Lung and Bernice Liu Bik Yi appeared as guests at a Foshan TV event. Frankie's contract with TVB will be ending in April and he expressed plans to film in China productions afterwards. Frankie's earlier drama, "Herbalist Manual" did not achieve ideal ratings. Frankie said that he will be filming in mainland China to seek a breakthrough. "In the past, there has been several mainland companies asking me to film for them. But I did not want to leave Hong Kong at the time. I wanted to care more for my girlfriend, Kenix Kwok Ho Ying. But after marriage, my thinking has changed now. I will be heading to Shanghai next month for new opportunities."

"In my forthcoming mainland productions, I will mostly be concentrating on modern series. The quality of mainland television dramas has really improved in the last few years. There are many Hong Kong artists filming in China and I think this will continue to grow as a trend."

Frankie complemented his "Virtues of Harmony" onscreen partner, Bernice Liu, saying that she is a pretty and good actress. However, once Kenix's name was mentioned, Frankie immediately gushed over his wife.

Frankie and Kenix had also acted as a husband-and-wife team in "Ten Brothers." Frankie said there were many emotional scenes in the series, with a lot of crying and the story is very moving.

Rumors say that Kenix is quite dominant in the relationship and at home too? Frankie defended Kenix, "Those reporters writing such rumors have not even been to our house before, so how can they claim that Kenix is very demanding at home?"

Frankie also mentioned that he and Kenix intend to have children in the future. "But in the coming months, I will not be in Hong Kong. So it will not be possible to have children yet in the short-term. When we have children, we will want to raise them ourselves and not have to rely on nannies. My thinking is more traditional and I want to play a greater role in raising our children."

As Frankie will be busy filming in mainland in the upcoming months, is he worried about the separation time between Kenix and himself? "It's not like I will not be returning to Hong Kong in the interim. As she is an actress, we understand each other's [work requirements]. Although sometimes filming in mainland is tough work, but I am a man, so I will have to take on the responsibility to earn more income and support the family."

Also, Bernice Liu's appearance at the event made the atmosphere more lively. Since Bernice's Cantonese is not very fluent, often her loud laughter would drown out the questions directed at her. Bernice is quite westernized, but she said that her favorite Chinese dishes are from Shunde. Bernice mentioned that her father is a great cook and can make very authentic local dishes.

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Xinhua News, Wen Xin News


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