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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Gillian Chung Relieved By Fans During Solo Performance At Eastern Awards

Twins have received an award of the Chinese Musical Industry Top Five at the 13th Eastern Awards. Because Charlene Choi is busy in Thailand filming a movie, she could not attend. Therefore, Gillian Chung arrived in ShangHai alone to attend this awards ceremony. Gillian appeared to be a bit nervous, but her fans there were very supportive of her, so she had gotten to be more relaxed when performing "Starlight Amusement Park".

13th Eastern Awards took place two nights ago; representing Hong Kong, Twins took home the Chinese Musical Industry Top Five Award. Last year, this award went to Twins' senior, Joey Yung, and Eason Chan had received it the year before that. This year's Chinese Musical Industry Top Five are Hong Kong - Twins, Singapore - JJ Lin, Malaysia - Michael Wong, Taiwan - Leehom Wang, and Mainland - Chen Lin. The most popular male and female singers are Li Quan and Zhao Wei, and Zhao Wei also received a Top Ten Songs Award with "Wo He Xiang Guan Yian".

Charlene is in Thailand, Gillian had to come to ShangHai alone. This is Gillian's first time coming to Mainland and singing "Starlight Amusement Park" solo, so she was quite nervous. But as soon as she began singing, her fans showed great signs of support towards her; Gillian was very happy to see that, and she gained confidence during her solo performance immediately. She appeared to be even more relieved when she saw some familiar faces during the awards show such as Dat Ming Yat Pai to be the awards presenters. The awards ceremony ended a bit after midnight; Gillian went straight back to the hotel to rest after it ended, and she got on a flight to Beijing first thing the next morning to continue filming for "Flying Fox And Snowy Mountain".

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