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Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Gust Of Wind Reveals Jolie Chan's Underpants

Jolie Chan and Hins Cheung yesterday attended a function promoting safe driving. When Jolie was performing, strong winds began to blow causing her mini skirt fly up, thus revealing her underpants. Jolie then quickly used her hands to keep her skirt down as her face turned red. After the incident, Jolie said that she was wearing shorts under skirt and so, her underpants were not revealed.

Jolie expressed that although she has a Hong Kong driving licence but she is afraid to drive. She believes that there are too many reckless drivers in HK and is afraid of people driving too fast. Once, Jolie was involved in a car accident overseas, she and her friend who was driving had to rush to the hospital because Jolie’s hand was bleeding.

Hins revealed that when he was young he travelled to mainland China and drove a motorbike. Unfortunately, the police caught him! Hins said, “That was the first time I went to the police office. The consequence for driving without a licence is going to jail. Thankfully, I was not charged because I was young!”

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