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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Janice Gets Lifetime Supply Of Makeup As A Spokesperson

Making her debut last year, Janice's popularity has been quickly rising becoming alot of artists' enemy. Recently by a few million dollars of salary, she substituted Joey Yung as a spokesman for a skin makeup brand. Yesterday Janice attended the reporter's conference with a fresh short skirt look. Other than receing a 7 figure amount of money, she will also get a lifetime supply of makeup from that brand. Janice said, "I've always used this brand and now it is all free. Being an artist really has alot of good things to it." It is said that the manager has successfully used Janice to switch out Joey and Janice laughed at these rumors. She actually does not know the manager and Joey gives her a nice feeling so she is sure this will not affect their friendship.

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The Sun


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