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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jessica Hsuan Brave Enough To Go Parachuting

Yesterday Jessica Hsuan wore a white dress with an Estee Launder status to attend a brand release conference. Soon going to the Phillipines to film with Bobby Yeung and Michael Miu, she expressed that she is not worried about the political situation there and even said that the script was changed because Bobby was afraid to use a parachute, "The company asked me if I was brave enough to do parachuting. Of course I'll do it, you should try everything in your lifetime. But Bobby is scared of height and doesn't want to do it so the script was changed."

Moreover, Jessica was refered to as having a foreigner in her house, she responds, "We are friends. When we ate dinner, we already knew the reporters were right next to us. (Overnight?) If he did then they would've took pictures of it already, but no."

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The Sun


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