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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Jolin& Leehom Star "Hand In Hand" In A Movie

The movie fever is contagious. After Jay Chou filmed “Initial D” he even planned on taking a break from music to further pursue acting. Now Jolin Tsai is following in the footsteps. Seeing the success that “Initial D” has brought, Jolin Tsai may also be considering making a debut on the silver screen. The story focuses on a regular girl who has her dreams fulfilled to become a singer. This will be like a girl version of “Initial D.” The creators are interested in asking Leehom to play the male lead.

The movie revolved around a girl who breaks into the entertainment scene and faces many problems in the entertainment business. With the support of family and friends, this girl becomes everyone's favorite entertainer. The creators are interested in asking Leehom to play the leading male role. However, Leehom currently sees music as his first priority, so he has not confirmed his participance. Leehom has acted in many different films including 'China Strike Force', 'Avenging Fist', and 'Moonchild'. However, Leehom is more interested in acting for “lower-scale” art movies rather than big budget “trite” movies. His last one was an independent film called “Starlit High Noon,” of which he was nominated for Best Actor at the International Berlin Film Festival.

If the project goes as planned, this movie will be directed by Hong Kong Ma Wai Ho. At the moment however, Ma Wai Ho is currently arranging to shoot "Love Undercover 3". So, he'll see when the time comes whether to accept this project. Even so, Ma Wai Ho is really interested in cooperating with Jolin. "She is very well-known and a “boy-killer” (literally means her looks are so good that they can kill boy’s and melt their hearts) I bet it'll be an interesting to work with her, I've watched some of Jolin's music video before her performances are strong.”

If everything is smooth flowing, the filming will start this June and although Leehom’s role has not been confirmed, this may be Jolin's chance to break onto the silver screen.

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