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Friday, March 24, 2006

Justin's New CD, "No Protection", To Release Soon

Recently Justin has been rehearsing for his first concert in the Hong Kong Coliseum. He describes it as a 'friend concert' since hundreds of relatives and friends from other places are coming to Hong Kong to support him. He boldly expressed that he has invited rumored girlfriend Gia Lin. He also disclosed great news that his new album, "No Protection", will release the day after tomorrow and is ready for it to get a golden record sales volume. On his previous cd, he has received a white gold record sales volume and was presented the record award by Mark Lui yesterday.

Justin explains, "This time the new album has removed the protection so that the songs can be downloaded onto ipods. I hope the fans will be thoughtful and not do illegal things. The other meaning of this album is that alot of my private business are revealed to the public. I am actually just an ordinary silly person and I don't know why they have to follow me."

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