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Friday, March 31, 2006

Kenix Kwok Doesn't Want To Be Number 2

"If one day, I am no longer the lead actress, I would rather not act anymore."

People who know Kenix Kwok Ho Ying well will appreciate her integrity, but those who do not know her will think she is arrogant.

Before entering the entertainment industry, Kenix had worked as an insurance broker. The insurance company expected their brokers to submit 4 enrollment policies every month. Kenix however submitted 12.

Kenix's personality in not admitting defeat lead to her promotion the following year. But Kenix was not completely satisfied with her job in the insurance industry, so she decided to join the Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant.

Kenix said, "Although I was the top salesperson, I didn't feel any satisfaction. On the other hand, I was quite bored. I wanted to try my hand in the entertainment industry. After thinking for a while, I thought the fastest way for me to enter the industry was through the Miss HK competition. It is like my interest in learning how to play the piano. I wanted to see results quicker, so I started lessons at grade 4 instead."

Kenix joined the Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant 13 years ago, she still had some baby fat on her face. Although she was one of the most popular candidates, she was not placed in the final competition. Despite this Kenix was given leading opportunities also immediately in series.

There is no forever permanence in the entertainment industry. The unpredictableness and ever-changing environment makes the industry more fascinating.

"I Am Not Liza Wang"
The reporter first started liking
Kenix from watching "Detective Investigation Files." She had wonderful chemistry with Michael Tao Dai Yu. Years later, the two reunited for "Shine on You" and "Love Bond."

Kenix said, "I was fortunate, as whichever actress was cast in "Detective Investigation Files" would have achieved popularity overnight. This series gave me a lot of visibility. But come to this stage in my career, I have to rely on my efforts and skills to win the audience and producers' recognition and trust. Many people say that I look Taiwanese, I think this was a born characteristic."

Within the blink of an eye, Kenix has been acting for 13 years. Despite her marriage, Kenix is still very popular, escaping the fate that usually plagues actresses after marriage. According to Ming Pao Weekly, aside from Liza Wang Ming Chuen, Kenix is the next highest paid actress, even beating Gigi Lai Chi, who is a favorite among TVB executives.

Kenix's self-confidence is not without reason. Although Kenix has not received the "Best Actress Award" yet, she said, "The award is a recognition of their own; with it, things would be more perfect. As to rumors that artists exchange contracts for awards, that's never been my case. People who know me will understand me. Ever since I was young, I have always believed in myself. I have used my own efforts to achieve what I have today. Fortunately it is also my personality of not easily compromising [my principles] that has allowed me to achieve what I have today."

Last year, Kenix filmed 100 episodes in TV dramas, increasing her exposure level. Rumors say that Kenix was dissatisfied that she did not win the "Best Actress Award" and therefore decreased her filming output dramatically in 2006.

Kenix said helplessly, "Now I just want to wait for good roles and good scripts, I do not want to film general, ordinary productions. I don't want to have such a busy schedule anymore. Even when I am not filming for TVB, I am still quite occupied when I have to go to mainland to shoot commercial ads."

Kenix mentioned that acting is not her life-long goal. She said that she cannot see herself acting until she is old. That's true, not everyone can be Liza Wang Ming Chuen, who can be a "sassy mother-in-law" and professional career woman, continuing her career into her middle-age years.

Kenix Kwok taught the reporter a valuable lesson. A person with a good fate in life will have a good life. For example, the 35-year-old Kenix has always been a lead actress since joining the Miss HK competition 13 years ago. Kenix's father's total assets are worth over $50 million (HKD) and her husband, Frankie Lam Man Lung loves her more than himself.

Kenix is not modest (really there is no need for modesty) and said, "I do have a very happy life. Thanks to the Lord, I have never been forced to do things I didn't like."

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