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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Kenix Kwok Said Husband Frankie Lam Is Her Lifetime Achievement

Kenix Kwok Ho Yin's position within TVB is well established. She has the right to choose the role that she wants to play and the partner to pair up with. She will never sign a management contract in exchange for an award.

Because of Kenix's straightforward personality, it is easy for her to be in the middle of rumors. However after a recent splash of rumors surrounding last year's Best Actress Award, Kenix seems to have handled these situations better. "Rumors? I just take it easy. In the past, if I feel I have a point to make, I would stick to it. I know I can't be so straightforward sometimes; there is always a method to make everyone feel more comfortable. The important thing is that everyone is happy in the process."

Last year during the anniversary, Kenix lost the Best Actress Award. Afterwards there were rumors that she turned down "Tai Chi" because of this. Many thought that Kenix might become frozen by TVB afterwards, but her opportunities have never stopped. Her recent series, "A Pillowcase of Mystery" with Bobby Au Yeung Jun Wah consistently broke 30 points in ratings.

Kenix said, "TVB treats me quite well although I am not a managed artist. Since acting 12 years ago, aside from the first 3 years of signing a contract with TVB, I have always had my independence. Perhaps it is due to my independent personality, so I prefer to do things my own way."

There have always been rumors that TVB gives out awards in exchange for contracts. Since entering the Miss Hong Kong beauty Pageant in 1993, Kenix has acted in numerous classics like "Detective Investigation Files," "At The Threshold of an Era," and the recent "Revolving Doors of Vengeance." Although Kenix was a hot favorite for last year's Best Actress Award, in the end, she did not receive the Best Actress Award.

Kenix can only say, "Actually getting an award is dependent on time and chance. When I act, I do not expect awards. I will still take on a challenging role even if I knew there is no chance to receive an award. I am lucky that I have always had many friends and fans supporting me."

Kenix and Frankie Lam Man Lung have been married for almost 2 years. Aside from being a happily married couple in the industry, they are also a "wealthy couple." Last year, Kenix and Frankie bought 4 luxury apartments for $50 million (HKD). Accordingly, the current apartment that they live in right now, they bought for only $7 million, but the market value has increased to $17 million.

Although Kenix can sell the property and make millions in profit, she doesn't want to. Kenix said, "My friends think I am crazy. My friend, Cheng Ming Ming, said that I should not place emotions into the property. If there is money to be made, I should sell it. But I have lived in this place for 4 years and during this timeframe, everything seems to go smoothly."

Does the house have good feng shui? "I don't actively think about it. But I think moving is very troublesome. Also I am worried that I can not find such a nice house again. I have high requirements for a home. Aside from having an ocean view, it needs to have wide, comfortable space."

There have been rumors that Kenix's wealthy father has helped Kenix and Frankie achieve such a comfortable life. Kenix said, "Nothing falls from the sky. When Frankie and I bought our first place, we used our own savings. What we have achieved today is based on our hard work. My mother always said that among all my sibilings, I am the most independent, not relying on my parents."

Actually Kenix does not place much emphasis on money. Before Kenix got married, she had many wealthy pursuers. "I started dating when I was 19 years old and always had a boyfriend. The longest interruption in my dating life was at most 3 months. My criteria for selecting a boyfriend is that he has a good personality; money is not important."

Although Kenix always plays strong characters onscreen, Kenix always hoped to find a boyfriend that can take charge and control her. "That's how I thought in the past, but it didn't turn out that way. Frankie is not that type of man. But he lets me have my way, cares about me and is very sincere. Since I married such a good husband, that is already my lifetime achievement!"

During the interview, the reporter noticed that Kenix's skin looks very young, as opposed to her real age of 36 years old. What kind of skincare routine does Kenix have? "When I am filming, I don't even give myself facial masks for several months. Since I have an interview today, I just put on a little cream. Actually my mother is one of the most beautiful women in my mind. She is very tall and slim; she looks like a Western woman. If I can age as well as my mother, I would be very happy!"

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The Sun


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