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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Kevin Cheng: Don’t Accuse Me Again!

A magazine has reported that rising star, Kevin Cheng, is currently dating a Sheren Tang look-a-like. The two were caught eating dinner together! Yesterday at the function, Kevin announced that the reports were misleading and that the woman in the pictures is just his cousin.

When reporters showed Kevin the article, Kevin forced a smile and said, “Actually, I was just eating dinner with my relative. The person in the photo is my older cousin. My younger cousin was also there! I was also spotted last time and I stepped out to explain. If I have to ask my cousin to come and explain, it would just be a waste of time!”

Regarding the misleading reports, Kevin is not angry but he said, “Don’t accuse me again!”

[X] credit: angelic_eyes25 @
The Sun, Yahoo News


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