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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Kevin Cheng In Legal Trouble With Former Manager

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing is currently facing legal troubles with his former manager Dai Si Chung. Before joining TVB, Kevin was a singer and had apparently signed 3 contracts with Dai Si Chung. However, Kevin's relationship with his manager, Dai Si Chung, had soured many years ago. Kevin was semi-frozen and sent to Taiwan, where he struggled for many years as a singer. A few years ago, he returned to Hong Kong and signed with TVB as an artist.

Recently Dai Si Chung brought up his old contract with Kevin and claims that his contract with Kevin is still unexpired! Even worse, he claims that Kevin had tried to manipulate his daughter into tearing up this unexpired contract.

Dai Si Chung has 2 daughters: Wan Wai and San Wai. Apparently the Dai's have in their possession a recording of a telephone conversation where Kevin allegedly requested San Wai to tear up his unexpired contract. The Dai's have decided to follow legal action to sue Kevin because of this telephone conversation.

Yesterday a magazine published a transcript of the telephone conversation that took place between
Kevin and Dai Si Chung's younger daughter, San Wai. The summary highlighted that Kevin request San Wai to tear up his unexpired contract.

Kevin is currently in the United States for a concert. He was contacted via long-distance telephone and said, "I don't know what to do. I will let my lawyer handle this matter. I don't want to start a 'war of words.' We will resolve this problem in court."

"I feel very helpless. But I believe that there is justice in this world. I hope that people will see this issue with crystal clear eyes as to who is telling the truth. My trust in people has disappeared [due to Dai Si Chung]. I am very disappointed and at this point, I don't know what to say!"

Dai Si Chung's elder daughter Wan Wai defended her father. "Kevin requested that my younger sister, Si Wai, tear up the contract, but I stopped her from doing this." (How will this matter be handled?) We'll let our father decide. He is very angry and wanted to hold a press conference. My father is not a blood-sucking vampire; he has never taken advantages of his proteges before. That's what we wanted to clear up in the press conference. We will continue to pursue this matter. We still have Kevin's contract in possession."

Wan Wai stressed that the issue is not about money. "We are not pursuing money matters with Kevin. But a company auditor had reminded us that we still have an unexpired contract with Kevin. If Kevin wanted to end the contract, he needs to go through us. I have nothing against him personally. But I wanted to defend my father's reputation. If Kevin continues to speak poorly about my father, we will pursue legal action."

Dai Si Chung also said, "I am a well educated person; it's not about money. Anyway, I never spoke poorly about Kevin." (What about the unexpired contract?) "Let's not discuss this for now."

As for TVB's reaction to Kevin's legal battle with his former music manager, Dai Si Chung, TVB executive Chan Chi Wan said, "Kevin has always been a very agreeable artist with us. TVB will continue to support and promote him. I am very concerned about this matter. Aside from giving Kevin input on this matter, I will also introduce him to lawyers."

Chan Chi Wan continued, "Before signing Kevin into TVB, I had reviewed his prior 3 contracts with Dai Si Chung and there were no inconsistencies. However, I know that Dai's daughter, Si Wan, has been wanting to enter TVB and has been trying to call him frequently. TVB advised Kevin not to pick up any of her calls, but he was too soft-hearted. In the end result, Kevin got voice recorded!

[X] credit: Jayne @
The Sun


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