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Friday, March 03, 2006

Kevin Cheng & Niki Chow On Love, Dating, And Celebrity Weddings

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing and Niki Chow Lai Kei are once again onscreen lovers in currently broadcast series, "Under the Canopy of Love." In this interview, Kevin and Niki talk about their dream wedding and whether they see each other as the perfect match.

Kevin and Niki design the ultimate wedding for the 5 celebrity couples who have announced their intended marriage plans for 2006:

Celebrity Wedding #1: Eason Chan and Hilary Tsui
Niki - Eason and Hilary should have their wedding at Hong Kong Coliseum, during the last segment of his concert.
Kevin - A remarkably unique wedding would suit Eason's character. Having a McDonald's wedding would be cute!

Celebrity Wedding #2: Hacken Lee and Lo Suk Yee
Niki - Hacken and Lo Suk Yee should have their weddings at TVB, since Hacken is the 'godson'
Kevin - TVB should help them organize a wedding on a soccer field, since Hacken likes to play soccer.

Celebrity Wedding #3: Carlo Ng Ka Lok and Chow Wai Wai
Niki - Carlo and Chow Wai Wai should have an extremely elaborate wedding. The kind that lasts 3 days and 3 nights. Since there are 99 districts in Hong Kong, each district should have its own celebration.
Kevin - If Carlo invites all of TVB's employees and his wife's employees, that would be a lot of people already!

Celebrity Wedding #4: Choi Yat Chi (from Grasshoppers) and Chow Suet Fong
Niki - Since Choi's dancing skills are so good, our company BMA has thought of fun things to play at his upcoming wedding. The attending guests at the wedding have to dance to classic Grasshopper songs.
Kevin - Choi should also invite his old colleagues at ex-company Polygram. Then they can have a dancing reunion.

Celebrity Wedding #5: Chin Ka Lok and Lee San San
Niki - Having the wedding on a snow mountain would be great. Since both of them are so sporty, Chin Ka Lok can go skiing to pick up his bride. It would be very exciting!
Kevin - Since Ka Lok likes to go racing, they should have a wedding on the racetracks! Ka Lok can only get married if he wins the race course! San San will look even more stunning in race gear than in a wedding dress!

In "Under the Canopy of Love," Niki had already had a crush on Kevin while she was only a teenager. After both of them have grown up, they met again and fell in love. But will Niki and Kevin's characters have a happy ending?

Niki - "In the series, I will have a wedding scene. But I will not be very happy then, because I am not sure if the wedding will take place or not."

Kevin - "The wedding scene is not related to me. Niki is not marrying me in the scene."

The reporter asked Niki and Kevin if they will have likelihood to become a couple in real life?

Niki - "We got married already!"

Kevin - "We have children already!"

Niki - "Last year, we got married at a wedding fashion show."

Kevin - "We got married twice, once on 'Hard Fate' and another time when we were spokemodels for a wedding center."

Niki - "Actually taking wedding photos is quite difficult; you have to keep changing clothes."

Niki and Kevin first collaborated on series 'Hard Fate,' sealing their onscreen couple image. Afterwards, producer Amy Wong once again used the pair-up in "Under the Canopy of Love."

Niki On the Partnership with Kevin
"Kevin and I are very good friends; we can talk about anything. Since it is our second collaboration, we have high expectations. We let go of ourselves more. We want to give audiences something interesting to watch. To make our compatibility as a couple more convincing onscreen, there is more touching and more direct eye glances. Both of us didn't mind.

"Since filming 'Hard Fate,' Kevin has treated me like another guy. My main concern is to produce a good series. As for the kiss scene, both of us actually practiced 3 times before the cameras rolled. As a result, when the cameras were turned on, the first attempt was a good take.

"The point of the series is to romanticize Hong Kong. If the audience says, 'We wish we were like Niki and Kevin in the series!' then Kevin and I would have touched the audience successfully.

"As a result of filming 'Under the Canopy of Love,' I learned how to play the violin. I filmed all the violin scenes in the series. My violin instructor was Vincent. It turns out his daughter was born on the same day as me, so I became her godmother!"

Kevin on the Partnership with Niki
Aside from his onscreen chemistry with Niki, Kevin shares the same point of view in love as his character in the series. "Who does not want to find their true love? Actors, like their characters onscreen, wish to find love as well. But actors have less privacy as they are in the public eye, always followed by the media. But it's hard to be like a normal person and have the same freedom to go anywhere they choose. I am afraid the media will focus too much on love relationships and not enough on career and work.

"My character Sum Long is very focused and will not give up. Once he loves a woman, he will not let go of the relationship despite misunderstandings. Even though they may have separated for some time, he will hope in getting back together again. This characteristic is similiar to me in real life, so it is like acting myself in front of the camera.

"During the filming of 'Under the Canopy of Love,' it fulfilled my sense of being in love. When the cameras were rolling, I had this feeling. If I didn't have this sense of being in love when the cameras were on, how will I be able to persuade the audience that Niki and I were in love in the series?

"But of course, I can not fall in love with a different woman each time I act in a different series. It is very important to distance yourself from these feelings once the scene is finished with, but also re-immerse yourself while the camera is rolling. I don't have this feeling each time I film, but this time I was able to feel it with Niki, probably since we had collaborated together before.

"My most memorable scene was filming in the swimming pool. Although I know how to swim, it was the first time I had to open my eyes and act while below the water."

Niki Said Kevin Is Too Handsome
Niki insisted that she will not have possibility of dating Kevin, "He is too handsome! I prefer someone who is not as attractive, as I am afraid other women will take him away from me. I don't know if Kevin is like this or not, but I need a lot of security! Haha his looks don't give me a lot of security! I prefer that my boyfriend is not so handsome!"

Despite having a good man in front of her, Niki is not afraid that she lost out on a good opportunity. "Boyfriends and friends are different. I have very high expectations of my boyfriend. I have to know someone very well before we advance to dating. But Kevin has a good quality about him; he knows how to take care of others and is a gentleman. He will treat others for meals. After filming the scene in the swimming pool, he saw that I was shivering, so he asked for towels to keep us warm. Through these instances, I found that he is very attentive to details."

When asking Niki what her ideal wedding would be like, her eyes sparkled. "Having it in a small church on a tropical island would be great, as there is the sunny beach. I love nature! Although I don't want a wedding banquet, I still want all our family and friends to be present.

"If there is no celebration for the wedding and you were to just sign your names on the certificate for marriage, then it is better not to get married. In this age, it is very common to have children before you get married. But weddings are an opportunity to gather together all your friends and have a wonderful time! Only once in a lifetime opportunity!"

As to Niki's wedding gown, she said she would do away with the traditional wedding gowns as well. "I will wear a bikini, no need for a formal wedding gown. I would like the wedding to be more sporty, where we can play beach volleyball. There will be clowns and circus acts. It will be casual, but fun. There will be a lot of kids; I would like to have several dozen or even a hundred flower girls and ring bearers. Whoever has children will bring them and they will be part of our wedding party."

Niki likes excitement so she would like to invite all the people in Hong Kong to attend her wedding party. "I want my wedding to be open; everyone is welcome. There will not be set hours; they can come anytime. Normally, even if I don't know someone, I will still attend their wedding and say congratulations! As I am happy for others, I want others to be happy for me too!"

As for Kevin's ideal girlfriend, he did not point out specific characteristics that he is looking for. "I can be a little picky, as not all types are suitable for me. I would go on a date and during dinner, try to understand the person more, including their good and bad traits. Then I will analyze whether we are compatible or not."

Since Niki and Kevin's onscreen chemistry is very compatible, how does Kevin feel about Niki in real life? "Niki has some qualities which are compatible, yet there are other points which are incompatible with what I am looking for. Her personality is more tomboyish, which is not my normal preference. But no one is perfect. When the cameras are rolling, we are a pair. But outside of that, I don't have that feeling."

Kevin has said in the past that his age is suitable for getting married. "In the past, I regarded marriage as a private matter. Simply getting a marriage certificate would be fine, or just going on a vacation together to celebrate the new marriage. But now, my thinking has changed. Most likely our parents, especially the bride's, will want more excitement and celebrations. I don't mind having more family and friends in attendance, but I don't want the wedding to become a show with a lot of entertainment acts. I want it to be simple and sweet, where the guests would be witnesses to my wedding."

Men usually do not have a lot of requirements when it comes to wedding planning. "Traditional or western style weddings? It's too far away; I haven't thought about it yet. I'll think about it when I find a girlfriend. Weddings should take into account mutual preferences. If she wants to have a Disney World fantasy wedding, I will do it. As long as the wedding is sweet, I am not particular about the format."

After attending his friends' past weddings, Kevin said, "Some grooms sing a song and serenade to their brides. I don't think I will be able to do that, as it is like a show. But I would like to make a speech on how I met my wife and why I love her. Since I am normally a quiet person, if I were to make such a speech from my heart, it would be quite sweet."

[X] credit: Jayne @
TVB Magazine #454


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