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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kevin Cheng Receives Support From Artists In Legal Battle

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing's legal battle with former music manager, Dai Si Chung has caused a stir in the entertainment industry. Allegedly, 13 years ago, Kevin had signed a life-long contract which would authorize Dai to take a 10% cut on all of Kevin's life-time income.

Kevin just came back from a concert in Atlantic City, USA with Sharon Chan Man Chi and Moses Chan Ho. Due to the nature of the trip, it took 5 days for the round trip before Kevin was able to return back to Hong Kong. Both Moses and Sharon supported Kevin in this matter.

When asked why Kevin did not try to resolve this matter out of court, Kevin said that he received Dai's letter from his lawyer first. Kevin could only respond by hiring his own lawyer.

Has Kevin and Dai discussed this matter afterwards? Why did Kevin sign such a contract in the past? Kevin refused to comment on both questions.

In the past, Dai Si Chung also had numerous problems with former student Daniel Chan Hiu Dong. In 1997, Daniel started to become really popular and Dai accepted many jobs for Daniel. Due to too much work, Daniel suffered from stomach inflammation. Daniel had a dispute and Daniel wanted to end his contract. He finally had to pay Dai $3.5 million (HKD) in order to officially end their contract. As a result, Daniel has been considered a "traitor" by Dai.
Leon Lai Ming was also once a protege of Dai Si Chung. Allegedly, Dai had hinted several times that he wanted Leon to buy him an apartment home. In 1998, Leon finally bought a diamond studded watch for Dai.

In 1986, Dai's daughter, Wan Wai had dated Ng Kwok King when she was 16 years old. Ng was one of Dai's students at the time. Allegedly Dai wanted his daughter to marry into a wealthy family and didn't like Ng. For unknown reasons, Ng was beat up severely during the timeframe that he had dated Wan Wai.

Ng Kwok King was contacted regarding Kevin's case. "I know that both Kevin and Dai Si Chung have been upset over this contract. I hope they can resolve this matter peacefully. I know that my teacher, Dai, places a heavy emphasis on money matters. That is why I do not discuss money matters with him."

As for Kevin, allegedly Kevin had signed 3 separate contracts with Dai. The contract currently in dispute was signed in 1993 and one of the terms stipulated that Dai would be entitled to 10% of Kevin's life-time income. Also, the Dai's claim that Kevin had requested one of Dai's daughters to help him tear up the unexpired contract.

Kevin's situation has aroused sympathy from those in the entertainment industry. Mrs. Heung Wah Keung of China Star Group defended Kevin's case, despite the fact that they do not know each other well. Mrs. Heung said, "I remember in the past Daniel Chan also had a lot of trouble with his contract with Dai. Now it is Kevin's turn. Dai doesn't need the money; why is he being so tough on the young artists? This will only affect Dai's image negatively. I hope he will give [Kevin] a chance."

TVB executive, Lok Yi Ling also spoke up for Kevin. "When we first signed Kevin, he had a deep sense of distrust because of his past experiences. But I told him that TVB is a big corporation but has a big family feel. I couldn't promise that he would definitely become popular, but assured him that he will be happy. The most important thing is being happy in life. This incident is a small turbulence and was bound to happen. The thing that Kevin can only do now is let his lawyer handle it."

Niki Chow Lai Kei also said that she will support Kevin. "The matter can be handled by his lawyer. Kevin needs to handle this matter carefully. Contracts should not be signed without careful scrutiny first. I hope Kevin will be fine."

Kevin admitted that while he was in the United States for his concert, he received a lot of text messages from his friends regarding this matter. Kevin thanked all the people that have supported him. "Right now, I just want to focus on work. This incident has not affected my work focus."


Kevin Cheng Sighs With Grief Over Contract Dispute
Recently there has been a dispute about a contract with former singing teacher Dai Sze Chung and Kevin Cheng. Yesterday Kevin returned from America and appeared with a not-so-good mood.

After the dispute incident, alot of good friends supported Kevin like TVB manager Chan Ji Wan. Kevin expressed that this has not affected his other work, but feels helpless. During the conversation, Kevin sighed many times and used his hand to cover his chest.

Kevin said, "I can't say much about the contract, but I would like to thank my family, the media, and TVB's support. (What do you feel about this?) It's very extreme. (How do you want to solve this problem?) Of course I want to solve this as soon as possible, but the truth is not like this so I will hand the case over to lawyers. (Why didn't you solve this privately?) Because the opposite parties sent an attorney to me so I just found my own lawyer!"

Regarding other contract details, Kevin did not want to mention it and and didn't answer whether he respects Dai Sze Chung as a senior. Moses Chan and Sharon Chan, who also came back from America with Kevin, greatly supports him.

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