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Friday, March 10, 2006

Lee San San Holds A Press Conference

Lee San San yesterday held a press conference to explain that she is not pregnant. Lee San San expressed that as the spokesperson for a dieting company, the rumours regarding her are affecting the company and so, she will explain to the public. Lee San San explained that in 1998 when filming for ‘Burning Flame’ she contracted eczema and because of this, whenever the season changes, she will suffer badly from the disease. Lee San San said, “I have seen all the western doctors. They say if the illness does not go away in 2 years, it is hard to cure. The most serious place is my thigh, water will come out and the skin will flake. Fortunately, it does not affect my face.” The medication she takes for this illness has caused to put on weight. Lee San San said, “I am too sick which affected the company’s reputation. It has nothing to do with my company, it’s my problem.”

When commenting on the rumours regarding her, such as pressured to get married, getting pregnant and committing suicide,
Lee San San expressed that they were very negative. Lee San San hopes that everyone will wish her and Chin Ka Lok well. They have always been a harmonious couple and because they give each other ‘space’, not getting married does not mean that they are splitting up. Lee San San said, “Not getting married doesn’t mean we are breaking up! Ka Lok is an optimist and so, he is not affected by the rumours. But these rumours are really bothering me! I would have never thought anyone would say I committed suicide! Thank you for worrying about us, but getting married will have to come eventually. If we get married or split up, I will definitely explain to everyone. I hope people will stop guessing and I will not comment on this issue again.”

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