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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Lee San San Holds A Press Conference Cont'd...

Lee San San and Chin Ka Lok have been dating for eight years. Since Ka Lok has proposed to San San in the Philippines, apart from the news that they were going to marry, there were also reports that San San was pregnant, that they have broken up and earlier even that San San has committed suicide. Yesterday, San San was at the press conference of the slimming centre of which she is the spokesperson. She clarifies that she wasn’t pregnant, nor are there marriage plans. She hopes that they would give her and Ka Lok a certain degree of freedom. Referred that she has gained some weight, she explained that she has had eczema for many years. So she takes medicine for it and that leads to her body holding up water.

Steroids: Body Holding Up Water
San San attended the press conference with the consent of her manager. Referring to her pregnancy rumour, she expressed that filming “Burning Flame” in 1998, there was one scene where she was soaked in a mountain putty. Since then, she has eczema. She has been going to the doctor for many years now as well as taking medicine, but it is still not healed. As she has it for many years, every time it is winter, when her skin is dry, there will appear marks on her skin and she wouldn’t be able to sleep. However, the worst place is her thigh. She also said that the medicine include a steroid, so it makes a body hold up water. In addition, when she has eczema, she can’t go through with the slimming treatment. Then everyone will misunderstand that she is fat and even thinks she is pregnant. Regarding her condition, she feels helpless. A doctor has told her that if they could control her condition in two years, then it can be healed easily. Unfortunately, it has become more serious.

Asked how many pounds she has gained, she frankly said that she didn’t count as she only wants it to cure faster. She was also asked whether she planned to have babies, she said: “Haven’t thought about it. Guess not. Don’t have plans about it.” San San hopes that the love between her and Ka Lok can develop freely, so everyone shouldn’t assume things about them. Whether or not they marry or have babies, she hopes that they will give them a degree of freedom. She said: “Not getting married doesn’t mean that we have broken up. I don’t mind the paparazzi, but they shouldn’t draw conclusions from my life and us. Saying that our love has many crises. Guessing that I am compelled into marriage. That is very unhealthy and it also gives us a lot of pressure.”

Can’t Infect When In The Same Bed
San San smiles that Ka Lok has always been a ‘carefree baby bear’, rumours won’t influence him. However her mood is often affected by it, San San hopes that everyone will wish them a happy life. If they would get married or have babies, then everyone will definitely know it. She said: “Committing suicide is a very critical thing. I am not afraid of what everyone writes. However, saying that I have committed suicide will upset my friends.” About her eczema, she was asked whether she and Ka Lok will have to sleep in separate rooms. San San said that it shouldn’t be infectious. She also sees that Ka Lok’s skin is very good. She said: “Don’t see something wrong with him, although we still sleep in the same bed…” She couldn’t stop smiling when saying that. About her marriage, she thanks everyone for their worries about their future. But they really haven’t planned anything yet. They will just go with the flow. In the mean time, they will not get married on impulse. She smilingly said: “Have to wait till I have cured my eczema. Should ask Mr. Chin to help me with medicine then.”

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