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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Leila Tong's Love Life

According to the reporter's memory, Leila Tong Ning is a sunshine girl who loves the beach. In reality, Leila's hobbies are watching movies, listening to music, and playing with dogs. Recalling past rumors, Leila was rumored with several male actors, but in reality, her love life is like a blank piece of paper.

Leila appears to be quite "pale" in various aspects. For the last few years, her luck in the industry seemed to be quite good. Yet in recent series, "Life Made Simple," the actress that really stood out and gained mass appeal was Angela Tong Ying Ying.

As to whether Leila stands out or not, she said that she did not ponder over it, as she is a quite boring person. In TV series, Leila can be willing to do anything for success, like her Angel character in "Life Made Simple." Or she can be quite opinionated and self-confident, like her Rain character in "Aqua Heroes."

What is Leila like in real life? Leila said, "I think my character in 'The Last Breakthrough' is closest to my true personality. I am not a very feminine person. I get along very well with guys. I don't like to place undue stress on myself. I like to proceed things in an orderly way, as I do not like to rush things. That's why I want to focus on the present and establish a strong ground first."

Good Luck/ Bad Luck?
Although you may say that Leila has been unlucky, yet she came from a good background and had good opportunities. "TVB gave me a lot of memorable characters to portray, leaving an impression with the audience. So I think I am lucky."

If you argue that Leila is lucky, however despite her good acting in "Life Made Simple," the actress that received mass popularity was Angela Tong. "I think Angela's character, Lee Siu Ho, is very special. I wish I can have such a character to play and do not mind the unattractive look. But you don't know the results [of a character's popularity] until after the series is broadcast. Actually 'Life Made Simple' gave me a sense of confidence that I can play any character. So I will not limit myself and will accept any roles offered."

Child Actor
When Leila was a young girl, she was a a child actor and appeared in many movies. You might think that she was born with an interest in acting, but that's far from the truth. How did Leila become a child actor?

Leila's face appeared to be a little vague, "It was through a friend's introduction. They were filming near my home then. Our family knew one of the crew members, who told me to go downstairs to play. So I went down and realized they filmed me! Afterwards I received a casting call for more opportunities, so I entered the industry. Actually it was only the last few years working with TVB that my acting interest has grown."

Due to Leila's experiences as a child actor, she learned many valuable things that aid her acting career now. Leila recently returned to the film industry, "Because I was a child actor, I picked up a lot of things faster, such as where to stand so that you don't block the other actor's light. It's much faster to get into position on the studio floor. Actually filming now is similiar to when I was young, as some of the production crew members are the same people!"

Leila was not borne of a wealthy family, but she came from a modest and happy family background. Her family has been very supportive of her acting career. "My family knew how the industry works since I was a child actor. They understand my personality as well. Although many people say that the entertainment industry is a very complex world, I think it also depends on your inner self as well. That's why I would rather talk more about work that respond to negative rumors."

Leila said that her love life is like a blank piece of paper. Despite past rumored relationships, Leila denied them all. "When I was young, there was a boy who pursued me. But after dating, we realized that it was better to stay friends instead. I have 4 dogs in my family who fill me with warmth. After a long day at work, I will play with them and feel much better."

Since there are many handsome actors in the industry, Leila admitted that she did have feelings for several male actors, but she only liked their characters in the series. Now Leila has learned to distance herself from falling for co-stars during filming.

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