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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Linda Chung, Shirley Yeung, Michael Tong Promote "Bitter Bitten"

Linda Chung Ka Yan, Shirley Yeung Si Kei, Michael Tong Man Lung, Stephen Au Kam Tong, and Sum Wing Ning were promoting new series, "Bitter Bitten" yesterday. Linda and Shirley did hoola hoops and Shirley spoke about her passionate kiss scene with Michael in the series.

Linda was very good in playing hoola hoops. In the series, Linda plays a circus acrobat. Yesterday, Linda wore a sparkly red outfit, which is her circus costume in the series. Reporters asked Linda if she will be wearing a lot of sexy outfits in "Bitter Bitten." Linda said, "The costumes are not too revealing, but only have a healthy image. But the white acrobat costume I wore in the series presented a lot of problems. The fabric was see-through, so I had to wear many layers underneath to prevent over exposure."

On the other hand, Shirley was not very successful with the hoola hoops. After a few attempts, the hoop kept falling to the ground. Shirley was embarrassed, "I really don't know how to control the hoop. Maybe it has to do with my [inflexible] back. Normally I only do sit ups."

How confident was Shirley about the ratings? Shirley said that the series centers around treasure hunting and would therefore be suitable for the whole family to watch. Shirley will be singing the theme song for "Bitter Bitten." Although Shirley had experience singing childrens' songs before, this is the first time that she will be singing the theme song.

In the series, Shirley shares a very passionate kiss with Michael. Shirley said she and Michael spoke to each other before filming the kissing scene. "Michael was very involved in the kissing scene. During our kiss, my nose was almost pressed flat. When I saw the kissing scenes afterwards, I wasn't used to it. I don't know if I should look or not." Shirley said that she is not worried that her boyfriend, Gregory Lee Wing Ho would be jealous.

Michael added that this kiss scene was very passionate, "Since I have started acting, I have never filmed such a passionate kissing scene. We filmed this scene for half an hour. This is the longest time I've filmed for a kissing scene. During the filming, I was sweating the whole time because it was so hot on that day!

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Singpao, The Sun


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