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Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Look At Bernice Liu's Childhood In Hong Kong

The summer 14 years ago, Bernice Liu arrived at Hong Kong to participate in a 4 week ballet training. She traveled around Hong Kong for her first time. Now 14 years later, Bernice realized that the city has changed alot. All she can remember of the old Hong Kong was only in her memories.

Bernice did not go out that much before as she had to go to ballet school. At that time, Bernice has just arrived at Hong Kong from Canada and attended a school in Taikoosing (太古尋). Bernice and her classmates eventually became close friends. Everyday after school, she and her friends would go to the McDonalds near her school.

Bernice arrived at the school once again and with her principal, they reminisced about the past. Regarding this talented student, the principal couldn't not stop praising her. She also said that Bernice's outstanding performance left a great impression on her.

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