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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Myolie Wu To Gain 20lbs & Play Bridget Jones

TVB will be filming a Hong Kong version of "Bridget Jones Diary." The name for the new series will be "Fei Tin Hei See" 《肥田囍事》. The new series will be shooting in May and will star Myolie Wu Hang Yee and Alex Fong Chung Shun.

TVB has decided that to be realistic, they will not be using make-up or a fat suit to fabricate the results. Myolie will have to gain 20 pounds to play the chubby Bridget Jones character, as Hollywood actress Renée Zellweger had gained extra weight for the role as well.

Although playing the Bridget Jones character will have many sacrifices, the role has allegedly lead to many actresses competing for the role. However due to Myolie's cute personality, she has landed the role. Alex Fong Chung Shun will be playing Hugh Grant's playboy character, who is Bridget Jones' supervisor.

Myolie is currently in China filming "Tai Chi," but she took time to return to Hong Kong yesterday. She admitted that TVB Executive Lok Yi Ling has mentioned the Bridget Jones role to her, but Ms. Lok suggested that Myolie concentrate on "Tai Chi" for now and not become distracted.

As to gaining 20 pounds for the role, Myolie said she will not think too much about it now in order to avoid unnecessary stress. As to the Bridget Jones role heavily desired by many young actresses, Myolie was unaware of it. But Myolie is happy about the new opportunity, as she welcomes challenges. Myolie joked that TVB selected her to play Bridget Jones because of her chubby face.

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