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Friday, March 03, 2006

Nadia Chan's Latest Update

Nadia Chan Chung Ling has recently wrapped up musical production "Snow Wolf." Due to Nadia's outstanding performance in the show, it is difficult not to regard her with renewed admiration. As "Snow Wolf" has ended its running in January, Nadia is currently taking a rest.

Nadia has signed with a new management company in China and will be taking on new opportunities in the future.

Nadia is a classic beauty and entered the industry when she was only 15 years old. Not only does Nadia act well, but she has a beautiful crisp voice. Her TVB classic series, "Songbird" left many with a deep impression after all these years. Many of Nadia's former series received good reception as well.

Nadia's good image as the girl next door led to her casting as main female lead in Jacky Cheung Hok Yau's "Snow Wolf." Although the running for "Snow Wolf" has ended, many people lauded Nadia's wonderful vocals in the show.

Nadia is a multi-talented artist. Earlier she published two books; 陳松伶美容魔法 is about skincare and beauty, while 伶感十二 is an anthology piece. The publishing world saw a fresh talented author; Nadia's elegant writing gained her many new fans.

Although Nadia is currently taking a break, she has already signed with a new management company in China and will be focusing on the mainland market. Aside from filming TV series, Nadia also plans to hold a concert soon, continuing her music career. Many Nadia fans will be happy to be able to hear her beautiful voice again!

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