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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Nancy Wu Will Forever Love Deep Ng

When mentioning Nancy Wu, one will immediately think of her other half Deep Ng. The two never wanted to acknowledge their love, until recently when they have been snapped dating. So they were forced to reveal their relationship. Deep has already recognized the other’s position in his heart very early on and Nancy said one sentence: “I am very happy to now.” All is put in these significant words.

Every year, there are many newcomers that emerge from the television station. So to be famous in the entertainment circle, sex appeal and rumours may provide to be a possible shortcut. Since entering the entertainment circle, Nancy has had many rumours but the one who has left the deepest impression is certainly ‘her prince charming’ Deep.

The pair of lovers were shopping in the supermarket, buying groceries when their pictures were taken. So with their relationship exposed, they didn’t have a choice than to make public their love. Talking about that time, Nancy wouldn’t answer questions relating her love. She frankly said that if she had a choice, she rather wants it to remain a mystery. She said: “Actually it’s not that I mind saying it, but I really hope that we wouldn’t be talking about the same topic every time. If they didn’t have taken our pictures sneakily, I would have chosen not to disclose it. I’d rather have everyone continue guessing.”

The process of meeting Deep began with her participation of the singing contest “新秀歌唱大賽”. At that time, Nancy wholeheartedly hoped to be a singer with her own album. She said: “Initially, I participated in the singing and “Cover Girl” contest. It was afterwards that I wanted to be a singer. Until today, I still haven’t given up on this dream. Because I really love singing. Actually the company (TVB) has arranged for me to do a sound test, so I hope that one day I will realize my own aspiration.”

Although she wasn’t noticed by a record company, but in 2001 she participated again in the “TVB Cover Girl Contest”. She took the first place and signed a contract with TVB to be an artist. In recent years, she even became one of the promoted fa dans. After entering, the series where she had her first performance even had a big cast. It was “Triumph in the Skies”. She has also benefited a lot from it, she excitedly said: “If you ask me which scene has the deepest impression on me, then it definitely is the scene with the death of Joe Ma. That is because he and Flora Chan really treated and loved me like a little sister. Therefore, when the plot told about his death, it was like I have really lost an older brother. So I got into my character quite fast. Also at that time, they have taught me a lot of methods to act. That’s why my impression of them is especially deep.”

Setting Out For The Big Silver Screen
Since entering more than three years ago, Nancy has filmed many series as well as performed many kinds of roles. However for a stable career in the entertainment circle, one has to make big efforts. Asked what her current goals are, she said: “I know that I am still a baby in this stage and that everything is still beginning. Every aspect is still very new for me, therefore I hope I will progress with every job. And that my performances will gradually mature.”

Soon, she will begin filming ancient series “Saw Sang Chuen”. In this series, Nancy will have the opportunity to portray a cold, distant character, so it is very challenging. She said: “This character has many scenes involving the inner emotions, because she appears to be a cold-blooded person. Therefore all her emotions can’t be expressed with her appearance, so the difficulty level is quite high. However, it does create displaying opportunities.” Nancy also hopes that one day she will see herself on the big screen: “To see myself on such a big screen with such powerful sound, the feeling must be very different.”

Her boyfriend has had many negative news and being the woman behind him, Nancy silently supported him all the time. As for whether their love can withstand ordeals, Nancy only said one line: “Actually our love now is still not steady.” Is it because their work background isn’t the same? Each is busy with their own thing, does it make her more reluctant? Nancy didn’t explain it in detail, but she is confident that they will overcome their difficulties: “I am confident that the relationship will last a long time. Either I don’t date, but when I do date I will invest a lot of love in that person. If I think that the relationship won’t last, I will not start it. Therefore if you ask me whether I am confident it is quite unnecessary, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have started!”

Nancy admitted that she is a very single-minded woman concerning love. She can count all her dating experiences from the past on one hand. She also reveals their big future plans, she smilingly said: “I take love very seriously. Every time I date, I will see the other as my future other half. I hope that I will be married around thirty years and the most ideal will be giving birth to a pair of twins, because I think they are very cute…” Regarding the present situation, Nancy is very satisfied and she replied with a sweet smile: “I am currently very happy!”

The television has always received ‘girls next door’ very well. Current fa dans Charmaine Sheh, Shirley Yeung are some successful examples, but Nancy also gives one this kind of feeling. Although she is wearing fitted clothes, short skirt, but it doesn’t give out a flaunting, mature feeling. Instead one is attracted by her warm, familiar smile. However, Nancy hopes instead that she break through this circle: “I like the ‘girls next door’ image as well as the feminine one. But being an artist, one hopes to have many transformations. This way it will not limit me to one kind of role.”

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