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Monday, March 27, 2006

'Newcomer King' Justin Lo's One Good Show Concert!

Justin Lo who has only been a singer for 1 year, held his first concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum last night. Before the concert, the issue of will Justin taking off his hat during a performance was greatly emphasized. Unfortunately, Justin did not surprise viewers by taking off his hat and revealing his M shape hair line.

At the
‘Newcomer King’s’ concert, "One Good Show", the atmosphere was filled with excitement, with all the seats in the concert hall filled. Justin’s rumoured girlfriend, Gia Lin, entered the performance building through the backstage a few minutes before the concert starting time, 8:30pm. She sat along side with Wilfred Lau and Eddie Ng on the front row.

Justin entered the stage wearing a black cap and a black and white gown. He started off with the song, 命硬. After performing that song, he took off the white and black gown and revealed the purple suit he was wearing underneath. Then, he sat on the lap of a dancer and sang Leon Lai’s ‘不可一世’ and Leo Ku’s ‘傷追人’. Although this is Justin’s first concert, he understood how to keep viewers attention, he said, “I will look at someone for 2 seconds and sing to them.”

As he was performing, he chose many lucky people to sing to, one of them was
Gia. Unfortunately, Gia was talking to Wilfred at the time and was unable to look back. At one point, Justin got off the stage and sang to a female fan and as he returned to the stage, he passed Gia. The two avoided each others gaze. But, as Justin continued on walking, Gia focused her sight on her rumoured boyfriend’s back with the corners of her mouth moving upwards.

Justin changed into another costume and performed hip hop dancing while the stage was lighted with fireworks. The guest performers of the night were Kathy Chow, Miriam Yeung, Leo Ku, Theresa Fu and George Lam. Outside, Justin merchandises were sold, including shirts and hats.

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