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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Nic Tse's Hot Coffee Saves Shawn Yue's Life

New movie 《龍虎門》 by Nicholas Tse and Shawn Yue yesterday held a feast with a lively scene. Shawn said that while filming his asthma acted up and almost got into big trouble, but luckily Nicholas saved him.

Having serious asthma, Nicholas actually has alot of experiences. When he saw Shawn breathing hard while filming in cold weather and in snow, he immediately sent hot coffee to him and saved him. Shawn recollects, "Hot coffee actually helps the trachea to expand. Thank god Nicholas was there, he can be considered as my savior!" When the reporters asked Nic, he said, "Don't talk about these things! He's all better now, you're making me really embarassed. I've actually bought medicine with me but at that time, my assistant walked away so I had to think of an idea fast. (Did you come up with this idea?) I did think about it and the doctor has mentioned it since my situation had been serious."

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