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Friday, March 24, 2006

Niki Chow: Dating Comes With A Lot Of Pressure

Her series “The Gentle Crackdown” and “Under the Canopy of Love”, both had successful ratings. Coming from a model background, Niki Chow has turned twenty-six this year and has successfully entered the house (TVB). Her maiden album also sold very well. She has thus became a popular singing, movie and television idol.

After “Hard Fate”, they once again acted as a pair of lovers in “Under the Canopy of Love”. Niki and Kevin Cheng, who is 34 years old this year, are now known as the perfect couple. Therefore the rumours about "Ko Yat Sie" and "Shum Long" are unstoppable.

Since Niki has entered the entertainment circle, there were many love matters. There was rarely news about her love life though. Niki, who has a silly big sister’s image, has had three loves which she will always remember. However, for more than four years her love life has been a blank page, although she has always longed for love. Last year, she even secretly meet someone from the opposite sex. Unfortunately, before this love actually started blossoming, it already couldn’t withstand the pressure and it was ended.

Niki and Kevin’s rumours started in 2003 when they first cooperated with each other for “Hard Fate”. At that time, they said that Kevin’s false sentiments in the series has turned into real emotions and thus he took the initiative to pursue the girl. Last September, in the period that they were filming for “Under the Canopy of Love” there were reports that Niki had one feet in two boats (dating two people at the same time). On the one hand, ‘real boyfriend’ Max Mok’s nephew, Jordan, and on the other hand, a burning love with Kevin.

When talking with Niki about, known as, wealthy kid, there were reports that Jordan helped her enter the showbiz. Upon hearing this, she laughed loudly and said: “This is a classic, it truly is a classic. I have known Jordan for a very long time now. I have many friends like him. Why can’t I have male friends? Why is it that they will assume my male friends are my boyfriends? When I have female friends, they will assume that we are lesbians. I don’t care anymore. As long as I know, then it is OK.”

Recently, there were rumours with Kevin, she said: “I think this is a very normal matter. No need to be afraid! For example, if there were no rumours they will probably say that he’s homosexual. Or else that we didn’t see eye to eye with each other. I remember this time when we were preparing for our positions, he said to me: “Pretty sister, you again. Once more, we will have rumours again!” We already don’t care about these kind of matters and we also don’t think about it anymore. Working together with him, as this is already our second relationship, there is a tacit understanding between us. It is very comfortable. I can say that we are good friends in real life.”

None Of The Rumoured Names Are Real

Kevin’s outer appearance is very cool, however Niki actually said: “He is a good person, but very introvert. People who doesn’t know him will think that he is very cool, very ‘rude’. However, he actually has a very kind heart. It is just that he doesn’t know how to express himself. Most of the time, he is very melancholic. It is already enough when friends have a kind heart.” When asked whether they both are single, whether there is an opportunity to develop something more, Niki calmly replied: “There isn’t! Because he will not choose me and I will not choose him. He may not necessarily like the type of girl similar to me.”

Since entering the entertainment circle, every time she cooperates with a male artist, rumours will be spread. She unexpectedly said: “I also wished that one of them was real, because it is very normal that an regular person has love. [Referring to Daniel Chan, Edison (Chen)?] Wah! Don’t want! Don’t want! It is all so ‘classic’. None of them are. [Has someone from the showbiz ever pursued you?] Truly, no one has. Some people said it was a crush, but even when it is a crush, then I would also know. I have a lot of male friends in the showbiz and I have asked them why they didn’t pursue me. They said that they also don’t know why they don’t. Even without this kind of feeling, they all treat me as a friend. I have also asked them what my problem is. Some said that I was too strong, but I am actually not that strong. If I had a boyfriend, I will definitely admit it!”

First Crush In Form Three: Crushing Over An Older Schoolmate
Niki frankly said that she has three loves that she will always remember. The first time was when she was in form three. “The opposite party was a schoolmate from form six, he played basketball. Actually, I prefer talented men. He is very good at basketball, so I was attracted by him. We were together for many years, until we finished school and started working. Why we broke up? Because of a third party, I have also once answered her phone call at his home. What I despise most is people hiding things from me. We had one intense quarrel and then we broke up.”

Niki disclosed that during her lovelorn period, a friend has introduced her second boyfriend to her. They were together for four years. “He is a business man. I admire him for teaching me so much. But afterwards I just grew up and became a big girl. I didn’t have that feeling anymore. He is a good person. We are still friends now. It is only that our timing wasn’t right.” As for the third boyfriend, Niki said that he hurt her the most. “It was also a friend that has introduced us. We have dated for two years. However, he frequently lied. Until we broke up, I still didn’t know what his job was. He couldn’t give me any feelings of security, it was hurtful. Not long after I have entered the showbiz, it was ended.”

Last Year Secret Meeting
In reality, Niki wants to date. Last year, she tried a secret meeting with someone, but she refuses to disclose his identity. “He isn’t someone from the entertainment circle. We have met before, but he is quite afraid. Especially because he is from outside the showbiz, so the pressure he receives is quite a lot. Snapping pictures, also afraid that people will investigate his family background, when going to the movies we were like thieves (sneaking around). It is very tiresome. Afterwards, he told me “You seem to be quite busy!”. Then I didn’t hear from him anymore.”

“Actually, my standards for a boyfriend are very simple. It is best that he has a talent to attract me, like playing basketball or a music instrument. He doesn’t need to be all manly and rich. I like men with a single eye fold, taller than me, with ambition, a high EQ and considerate towards me. That is enough for me, because dating with me is very tiresome.”

No Dating, Quickly Becomes Crazy
Not having a boyfriend for four years, Niki was asked how she felt about it. She sighed: “Very dry?! I haven’t dated for several years, I’m almost turning crazy! Haha! I am someone who relies on a boyfriend very much. I need to see him daily, frequently contact him. Once I date I will be very involved. I very much want the other to know what I have done every day.” Asked her whether she feels lonely due to her lack of love, she said: “Luckily, my personality is that I get unhappy easily, but I also forget very easily that I was unhappy. If I am unhappy, then I will call my friends out to talk. Moreover, I will write down the unhappy things to vent out as I don’t know how to express myself. On the outside, people would think that I am an open and strong person. I have to clarify that I am really not that strong.”

After becoming famous, besides attracting rumours, Niki has also attracted a lot of gossip. One moment, she is complaining tearfully with her record company for care and favour. The next moment, she has won an award in trade to film another series. Regarding these, Niki said: “I am also not clear, before when filming movies it wasn’t like this. It is only this year that there is a lot of gossip. A great tree attracts the wind! Ha! I am not big. I have asked some seniors and they said that it is very normal. They also said that it is a stage that one has to go through. They comfort me by saying that it is also scary when one doesn’t go through this stage, because that means that no one knows you. There was some time that I was unhappy and I was thinking how come the matter would be completely reversed. But there is nothing that I can do, I can’t control it. I can only do my very best.”

Knowing how to console herself, Niki’s optimistic personality is the same as "Ko Yat Si" in the series “Under the Canopy of Love”. As for her maiden album “Pure Niki” being criticised for not reaching the standards yet, Niki said: “I don’t have a singing background, I think that this first time I have already done it to my best ability. Singing is something one will know step by step. At the moment I like singing the most, music gives me a very refreshing feeling. There are a lot of things that I could learn, I think it seems like there is hope every day. For my album, I haven’t filmed a series for more than a year. Even now I am very busy, every week I have three classes with my singing teacher. I also believe that people will think that I have made some progress after they’ve heard my second album. It will come out in April.”
In terms of popularity or being a singer, Niki also acknowledges that TV series has helped her a lot. The most recent news, after “Under the Canopy of Love” was aired, Niki’s record company BMA has successfully received four advertisements for this year. It is reported that ‘SaSa Beauty +’ has given her a large sum to engage her as the new generation’s spokesperson. Asked whether she will earn enough, she only said: “There are indeed more ads, the income will not suddenly turn from much to a lot more. It is according to the proportion. The reward is a happy satisfaction.” Niki firmly refuses to disclose the range of her income increase of this year, but she also expressed that there is a possibility that she may realize her parents’ dream. She said: “This year, I hope I can buy a flat, I suppose I should fulfil this promise. I will buy a flat to live with my parents. In addition, it will also house my two dogs! Although it is very difficult to buy a flat in Hong Kong, but I will do my best!” Niki nodded her head with a firm look. It is exactly the same as with "Ko Yat Sie’" firmness and resoluteness when she starts an undertaking.

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