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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Niki Chow Denied Dating Rumors

Earlier reporters had spotted Niki Chow Lai Kei eating at a restaurant with rumored boyfriend, Jordan, who is Max Mok Siu Chung's nephew. Allegedly, Niki has been dating Jordan for 5 years.

Also Niki's sister, Cathy Chow Man Kei has also been rumored with a French business jeweler, Julien Lepeu. Cathy is rumored to have dated Julien for 1 year. Julien's father is the owner of the Richemont Corporation and comes from a wealthy background.

Yesterday Niki denied rumors that she and sister, Cathy were dating. Although Niki does hope that Cathy can be married quickly so that Niki can have her way at home. Niki said, "If my sister is dating, how would I not know?"

Niki said that she and Cathy can accept the dating rumors. But earlier there was a report that described Cathy's chest to be as large as "missiles." Niki said the description was very embarrassing and it upset her parents. Niki didn't know how to console her mother except to laugh it off.

Niki said, "My sister is a model; it is very common for her to wear low necklines. My sister's figure is not that curveacous; it is too much for them to describe her chest to be as large as missiles. My mother is upset that the media is speaking about Cathy in a such a way."

Niki considers her sister to be very fit. If Niki were to wear the same clothes as her sister, Niki said that the results would be very different and she is not brave enough to even try the same clothes on.

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