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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Niki's 5 Year Underground Love Relationship Revealed!

Niki Chow who has repeatedly said to reporters that she has not been dating anyone, has been busted by the magazine ‘East Weekly’. Yesterday the magazine reported that Niki has been having an underground love relationship for 5 years. The couple were seen together but when Niki found out there were reporters, she quickly made her boyfriend leave through the back door of the restaurant while she continue to eat. When finished, she made sure that there were no more reporters around before meeting up with her boyfriend again. Niki needs to be extremely careful in order keep her ‘pure girl’ image.

Niki’s boyfriend is Max Mok’s nephew, Jordan, and because Jordan only has Sundays off, Niki usually rejects job offers on Sundays to spend time at home with her boyfriend.

It is believed that
Niki and Jordan met when introduced by friends 5 years ago. At that time, Niki was still a model but when she entered the showbiz industry, she forbiddened Jordan from driving her to work. Niki, who claims that she has been single for 4 years, has always been bothered by love rumours numerous times, and has never stepped out to explain when the rumours regarded people such as Edison Chen, Daniel Chan and Kevin Cheng. But last year when rumours went around that she was dating Jordan, she immediately stepped out to explain. Does this not seem curious?

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