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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rain Li Claims That She Is A Safe Driver

Rain Li, Stephy Tang and Stephanie Cheng yesterday attended a function for dogs- ‘Dee Dee Grow Bigger Party’.

Rain’s pet dog is extremely lucky as it had a small car to sit in for the whole party and had pretty clothes. Even
Rain said that it is better to be a dog than a person. During the function, Stephy’s dog peed on the floor, causing her to be embarrassed.

When talking about Tommy Yuan being charged for drunk driving, Rain expressed that she had just had a costume fitting with Tommy for a new movie and knows that he is sorry about his mistake. Rain hopes that the public will be able to forgive him. Rain revealed that she is a safe driver and will definitely not drive after drinking.

[X] credit: angelic_eyes25 @
Yahoo News, The Sun


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