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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rainie Yang & Jolin Tsai's Fan's Big Reconciliation

Since Jolin Tsai just left, Song BMG immediately carried Rainie Yang to the top. Song BMG Deputy General Manager (DGM) Liu Tien Chien yesterday at the signing/concert, for Rainie's 'coronation' put on a pure quartz hand-made crown. As for online, Jolin and Rainie's two teams of fans quarreling. Rainie said she hasn't been online recently; her mother accessed the net to investigate. And the result was, the two teams already reconciled.

Rainie's new album "Meeting Love" preorders are very good. In two days, 20,000 copies of the album have been ordered. Moreover, the expectations and anticipations for this album are very high. Her results have not disappointed Sony BMG. Rainie Yang was worried before hand that the signing/concert would have only a few people; but in the end, 3,000 people came. She happily said, "I love my fans too much. I get to breathe a big sigh of relief."

Rainie's first single is called "Celebration". Fans also pre-ordered the album's portrait. This is sort of like how Hello Kitty was super popular back then. She said, "I heard that fans were waiting in line from four to five AM at dawn, waiting for me. I'm very moved, and very worried. Lately, the weather in the morning have been super cold; hopefully, the fans will wear more, and won't catch a cold." Yesterday, the parking lot, because of too much Rainie fans, there was transportation paralysis, so lots of police had to go there to direct traffic.

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