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Friday, March 24, 2006

Raymond Lam Prefers Mainland Girls

Raymond Lam, Vincent Zhao and Myolie Wu are currently filming new TVB series “Tai Chi” in Shanghai. When talking about this series TVB fa dan Myolie Wu, Raymond expressed that he has already cooperated with quite a lot of fa dans before. So there isn’t always a refreshing feeling anymore. Instead, he wants to cooperate with Mainland stars as he hopes that it will create different sparks.

TVB’s grand production “Tai Chi” is proceeding very smoothly and fast in Shanghai. Earlier there were reports that male lead Raymond ‘bought’ a girl Mei Mei with a month salary of 2000 yuan. The two of them shared an intimate meal together, they even shared a warmth bag and gloves. Their relationship seems to be more than normal. Raymond clarifies that their relationship is only that of a boss and a subordinate. Although it was a front page coverage, Raymond is still very popular in the Mainland. Every time he appears at a place there would be many people following the stars (more specifically Raymond).

Filming Fighting Scenes: A Taste Of Suffering
Filming “Tai Chi” Raymond has suffered many hardships, he performs many fighting scenes himself. Therefore, he is often hurt and bruised, he said: “Because this is my first time filming a real kung fu series. Earlier, I have only filmed wuxia series, so in the many fighting scenes you didn’t need to use your full strength. However, this time you have to use real power, therefore you will easily get hurt. Fortunately, Vincent is looking after me and I have had about ten classes of martial arts, so it makes it a bit easier when doing the fighting scenes.”

Raymond plays the son of a wealthy family in the series who is infatuated by Myolie. He frankly said that filming with TVB fa dans doesn’t give him a refreshing feeling anymore. Therefore, he hopes he can film Mainland series, he said: “I have already cooperated with all TVB fa dans, therefore I really hope that I can cooperate with Mainland female artists. And in reality? A girlfriend, even if I like someone then what? But I don’t dare to think about this question, because everywhere in Hong Kong there is paparazzi. I don’t even dare to eat out with a girl anymore.”

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Apple Daily, Fung's Label


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