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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Raymond Lam’s Biggest Fear Is Female Co-Stars Falling For Him

Popular saying ‘actors don’t have love’. Raymond Lam, who comes from a wealthy background, is someone with lots of love. He has been in the entertainment circle for eight years now and was rumoured with six female artists. He has cooperated with five of them when filming series. On the set, there is often love around. Raymond is aware that he has a lot of affection. Each time he films a series with a female artist, he would have a crush on the set. Then it ends. However, he is worried all the time that the female party would misunderstand this kind of love.

Raymond comes from a wealthy background. His father, Lam Wah Kwok, is involved with real estate in the Mainland market with a legacy of six hundred million. He is called the Xiamen’s Lee Ka Sing’. Being the Lam’s family oldest son, Raymond lives in a mansion at Old Peak Road, drives a Benz Cabrio and even all the workers at TVB will call him ‘Siu Yèh’ (little master). Being a handsome guy with fame and wealth, so pursuing girls would be no doubt logical.

Without Some Fancy, Can’t Perform In A Series
Fala Chen, Sharon Chan, Myolie Wu, Tavia Yeung, Michelle Ye and Rain Li have all been his rumoured girlfriends. Besides Fala Chen, the other five have all cooperated with Raymond which lead to these rumours. Before the camera, they will be lovey-dovey and when they are back in reality, it may be still confusing or not clear. Be it true love, misunderstood love or universal love, only the person themselves will know.

Regarding to questions about emotions when filming, he said: “Without some desire, it is very difficult to portray in a series. We are not robots, we have to get involved. Not for one or two expressions, one has to get into its character. When one falls in love with a person, then one really loves that person. Afterwards, there would be no such matter anymore. This is a necessary condition for being an actor. Definitely have to have some desire, if not how can one portray it? But wanting to pursue? No.

Actually if one is able to calm down again, it can make things more difficult than necessary (start imagining things). It can interfere with work and that could mislead oneself. I am very lucky that it didn’t happen to me (while filming pretence becomes real). Sometimes when one is too involved, it can frighten the other party (to fall in love with oneself).”

Picky About Choosing Girls, Shouldn’t Be Too Smart
Every time filming a series, there will be rumours with girls. In the past he will get all worked up about it, however now he just responds by smiling: “Actually rumours and reality are two different things. You can’t avoid it that some of the audience will believe it. Also shouldn’t care how they think about it. However, the people by my side, my friends haven’t inquired about it. Management also believes a lot in me. Most important thing is that friends don’t affect each other.”

Raymond continues to explain his view of love: “In reality, I am not a very laid-back person. If not I wouldn’t have that many friends by my side. People who knows me all know that I am picky. It is like a shield. The girls I choose can’t be too smart, but she can’t be not intelligent as well. I don’t like to explain it. If I have to say it every time, then it means that we are not suitable.

Going drinking or eating with a bunch of friends, these are perfectly normal activities. Every time there will be guys as well as girls. If you take a fancy into someone of the opposite sex, then you can allow yourself to go a step further. However, either yourself are anxious or the other has startled you. I only want to have dinner in an ordinary way, which I haven’t done since entering the entertainment circle.”

Must Respect Actors With Emotions
In the entertainment circle for eight years, Raymond has already cooperated with many senior actors. However, the ones he values their advice and instructions the most are Gallen Lo and Louis Koo, he said: “Gallen has taught me how to act in series. He treats me really good. Also when conversing, I will listen to him talking about the principles of being a human being. From personal life to work, he is always willing to teach. He once said to me that being an actor is something worth respecting. Everyone is always saying that actors don’t have emotions, but we are actually the ones with the most love. When filming series, we are actually deceiving our own emotions to entertain the audience. That is why I respect this occupation very much.

The other one is Louis, he has taught me some methods to deal with rumours. He told me that I shouldn’t respond when it is not a fact. I don’t like to explain. If you believe it, then you believe it. If not, no matter how I explain it, you still won’t believe it so it is no use to do so.”

Ron Ng: Rival As Well As Friend
TVB has been strongly promoting Raymond, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng and Kenneth Ma as the new generation of siu sangs. Of the four of them, Raymond was the earliest to enter the entertainment circle. In 2000, he was entrusted an important role in the big production “A Step into The Past”. Unfortunately, he couldn’t continue on this influence and in recent years,
Ron and Bosco has caught up swiftly. However, Raymond said: “I entered early, their extent is bigger. The more people in the whole industry, the more energy there is. So one should be happy about it. Comparisons are not necessarily a bad thing. This will keep one on its toes, so one won’t stop progressing.”

Likes Ancient, Too lazy To Take Care Of Hair
Raymond’s career is moving slowly, besides being implicated by rumours, filming too many ancient series also has its influence. In fact, many siu sangs become reluctant when mentioning ancient. Firstly, it is difficult to become popular with ancient series. Secondly, the clothes are very thick. Thirdly, the long dialogues are hard to remember. One also has to wear wigs or shave its head. However, Raymond has been acting in one ancient series after the other and he is still gladly carrying on with it.

Ron once emphasized that he himself was someone for modern series, ancient series should be remained for Raymond. After hearing it, Raymond smiled only: “It is best if an actor can do ancient as well as modern, then it would allow him to develop fully. There will be many opportunities for series.”

Raymond and Ron have been friends for a long time, work-wise they are actually rivals. Asked Raymond how he could maintain friendships in this kind of business, he said: “I regularly meet up with Ron to talk about personal matters. Can assume we have a very solid friendship, he is an entertainment friend with whom I can talk about personal matters. We have said previously that we shouldn’t think that we wouldn’t be rivals. There will be definitely competition. I know that others can say bad things about you, everyone will also hear these kind of words. But in reality there might not be such an issue. Our personal matters can be approached in a bad way. We all know it, so we won’t be influenced by what the others say. We will both encourage (force) each other to progress which is a good thing.”

Nowadays, Ron has a lot of rumours, Raymond will fully support his old friend. He said: “He is a very straight-forward person. I don’t think he has a bad side. He hasn’t changed since I initially met him.”

Small bio
Age: 26

Education: University of California, USA; first year; major in architecture, minor in music

Entering the entertainment circle: 1998 acting class, contract afterwards and became an actor

Series: "Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion", "Yummy Yummy", "The Last Breakthrough", "Twins of Brothers", "Blade Heart", "Survivor’s Law", "Lofty Waters Verdant Bow", "Golden Faith", "Eternal Happiness", "A Step into The Past"

Awards: 2004 My Favourite Character Award for “Twins of Brothers”; 2003 Most Improved Actor Award

[X] credit: black eyed susan @
Apple Daily, Fung's Label


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